Project Veritas says it caught ‘illegal electioneering’ for Democrats in key PA races

Project Veritas alleges they captured “illegal electioneering” for John Fetterman and Joshua Shapiro on camera that was reportedly filmed at a Philadelphia polling location.

During the video’s intro, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe explains that undercover journalists were “told who to vote for just mere feet outside a polling center” in Pennsylvania. He goes on to claim that this behavior is referred to as “electioneering,” and further alleges that Democrat campaign materials were posted at the polling location.


A man in a blue hoodie identified as Rudy Stewart can be heard saying, “This is a Democratic Party form” and claiming Democrats are “for the common man.” He also pointed at a name on a piece of paper claiming, “this is the guy that got- if you got a lot of money and want some tax shelters, that’s the way to go.”

The undercover journalist asks Stewart if he works at the location, but the man says he’s a “committee person.” The video then cuts to another man named James Harrison saying that he is also a “committee person.”

“I just help out whoever the majority of the community supports,” he added.

“So you’re telling me I should vote for John Fetterman, I should vote Joshua Shapiro?” asks the journalist.

“If you vote Democrat, all of them are the Democratics. They only got one against one,” Harrison explains.

The video then cuts back to Stewart, who appears to laud Dems for standing for “poor people.” While talking to the journalist, Stewart also turns toward a group of people asking them if they want any “Democratic Party information.”

“We’re scared of him.” Stewart later says, reportedly pointing to Republican candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz’s name, according to the video.

“These guys are way, way right,” he adds. “I mean, I’m for someone being liberal but not way liberal or somebody being way right. You know, a Republican that’s liberal or a Democrat that’s a little to the right.”

“I’m scared of him. We’re scared of him,” Stewart then says, pointing to a couple of different names on the board, presumably Republicans.

“So don’t vote for them?” the journalist asks.

“Yes,” Stewart confirms. “These guys are scary.”

The video prompted social media users to comment on the legality of the content in the video, with many fretting that “nothing will be done” about it if a crime was committed:

Sierra Marlee


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