Prosecutors drop charges against transient seen brutally attacking ex-fire commissioner with crowbar

Outrageously claiming self-defense, San Franciso prosecutors dropped a case against a transient who used a crowbar to bash an ex-fire commissioner in the head, chasing him and repeatedly beating the victim, putting him in the hospital and resulting in his jaw being wired shut.

(Video Credit: KPIX | CBS NEWS BAY AREA – WARNING: Violent Content)

Don Carmignani, 53, is lucky to be alive and now has a steel plate in his head. Prosecutors reportedly didn’t even interview him before dropping the case against his alleged assailant, Garrett Doty, 24. They did so even after viewing a video that makes it glaringly obvious that the suspect was taking practice swings before the attack and seemed intent on killing the former fire commissioner.

The district attorney’s office dropped the case after coming to the insane conclusion that the homeless man was acting in “self-defense,” sources told the New York Post Tuesday night. They contend the act was not senseless and are pointing the finger at Carmignani claiming that he instigated the vicious assault after using pepper spray against the suspect when he was allegedly targeted by homeless people.

The suspect and at least two other homeless people had set up camp outside the victim’s mother’s property in the city’s affluent Marina District. Carmignani said his mother was afraid to go outside and evidently with good reason.

“We live in a city where both the mayor and the DA are elected. Their re-election is very much tied to public perception of crime and safety. Therefore, they have a vested interest in changing the narrative to make it appear that crime is not random,” the source told the media outlet. “The city should stop politicizing public safety and instead focus on doing their job of making San Francisco a safe and livable city for everyone.”

Disturbing footage shows the homeless man attacking the former fire commissioner with the crowbar. A bloody Carmignani, who was also reportedly slashed with a knife, can be seen backed against the wall of a gas station while being assaulted, holding up his fists in self-defense before running from his assailant. Doty caught up with him and allegedly cracked open his skull.

Carmignani had a puncture wound to the back of his skull and had to be rushed into emergency surgery. He spent a number of days in the ICU.

Originally, Doty was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated battery with serious bodily injury, and assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury. For baffling reasons, he was released back onto the city streets with impunity as prosecutors blamed his victim Carmignani as the aggressor.

Adding insult to literal injury, the former firefighter may face charges for using pepper spray on the homeless men in an attempt to get them to leave his mother’s property.

Carmignani claims he was forced to take matters into his own hands after the city refused to respond to his mother’s calls to 911 begging for help. She had watched the homeless men using drugs and harassing neighbors in her entryway. Her neighbors claim “nobody is safe” in the crime-ridden city, according to the Daily Mail.

The fire commissioner was brutally assaulted just one day after Cash App founder Bob Lee was stabbed to death on a San Francisco street in the middle of the night. That attack was by someone who knew Lee, evidently, and District Attorney Brooke Jenkins disingenuously compared it to Carmignani’s case.

“The city was almost gleeful to announce that Bob Lee was not killed by a homeless person. This response totally lost sight of the fact that Bob Lee was murdered, which is a tragedy and violent crime, no matter who perpetrated it,” the source. who is close to Carmignani, told the New York Post.



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