PSU abruptly closes campus after protesters occupy library: ‘This has now become a criminal event’

Portland State University closed its campus on Wednesday after anti-Israel protesters stormed the school’s main library, occupying and vandalizing it with graffiti.

Messages were scrawled on the Millar Library walls including, “We’ll stop occupying this building when Israel stops occupying Palestine.”

“KOIN reports that the building’s fire alarm system has been ripped out. It also showed video of a pile of chairs and furniture blocking a stairwell inside the building, glass shattered in one area, and a tent set up in another,” Fox News reported.

“PSU Campus will be CLOSED Wednesday 5/1 due to ongoing incident at library,” Portland State University announced on its website.

(Video Credit: KGW News)

(Video Credit: KOIN)

The university’s president, Ann Cudd, has asked the Portland Police Bureau for help to remove the protesters from the building. She released a message begging the anti-Israel radicals to end the occupation of the library according to Fox News.

“I’ve heard your demands and I know your concerns. They’re very important concerns about the terrible war in Gaza right now. I’m willing to talk to you, to enter into a constructive dialogue with you,” she groveled before the protesters. “We cannot, however, allow the continued occupation of Millar Library. That’s just plain and simple.”

“We want you to come out of the library. I’m asking you to please, especially the students, please, voluntarily leave the library, I want to talk to you,” Cudd told them on Tuesday.

Cudd issued a statement that she is “now very concerned” about the safety of the protesters who are occupying the library.

“Security measures are in place at PSU buildings, including limited or no card access. Faculty, staff, and students are asked to stay off campus until further notice,” she warned.

On Monday night, police stated that somewhere between 50 and 75 protesters were occupying the library.

“With the breaching of the library and the fortification going on at the library, this has now become a criminal event and it’s no longer considered to be a public order or free speech event and requires a different type of response,” Portland Police Bureau Chief Bob Day stated concerning the protesters.

He went on to say that the police are working with university law enforcement “to develop a plan to best approach the situation in the hopes of de-escalating and resolving this with no arrests or no amount of force.”

“Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt said he expects felony charges to be filed against the protesters, including burglary and felony criminal mischief, along with other possible misdemeanors,” Fox News noted.

The university did not announce how long the campus would be shut down. They told students to check their emails for updates.


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