They may be stuck with Jello-Joe: The legal quagmire of replacing President Biden

The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project is reportedly preparing to go to war to PREVENT President Joe Biden from dropping out of this year’s presidential election.

The Oversight Project’s strategy centers on stopping certain swing states from replacing the president on the ballot after the Democrat National Convention.

How could it possibly achieve this? By taking advantage of state laws already on the books.

“Policymakers and the public should be prepared for all externalities that arise from President Biden not running for President in 2024,” the Oversight Project said in a memo. “The process for substitution and withdrawal presents many election integrity issues.”

“Adherence to the law in some states may result in that process being unsuccessful for the purposes of another candidate being on the ballot,” it added.

In Wisconsin, for example, a candidate cannot be removed from the ballot unless they die.

“Any person who files nomination papers and qualifies to appear on the ballot may not decline nomination,” Wisconsin law reads. “The name of that person shall appear upon the ballot except in case of death of the person.”

In Nevada, on the other hand, changes cannot be made to the ballot after 5:00 pm on the fourth Friday in June of said election year unless the “nominee dies or is adjudicated insane or mentally incompetent.”

In Georgia, if the president were to withdraw from the ballot less than 60 days before the presidential election, his name would still remain on the ballot, though none of the votes would be counted (which would be very beneficial for former President Donald Trump).

In Texas, meanwhile, Biden has until the 74th day before the Nov. 5th election to formally withdraw from the ballot.

To be clear, even with these rules, the president would still make it onto the ballot in many states, but certainly not enough to win a general election — and that’s the point.

In a separate statement, Oversight Project executive director Mike Howell noted that these plans were originally drafted after the president’s horrific performance at the G-7.

“Due to the rapid decline of President Biden, as seen by his bizarre episode at the G-7, The Oversight Project is taking the unprecedented step to release this draft,” Howell said.

“We are monitoring the calls from across the country for President Biden to step aside, either now or before the election, and have concluded that the process for substitution and withdrawal is very complicated. We will remain vigilant that appropriate election integrity procedures are followed,” he added.

All this comes after Biden’s disastrous performance at the first presidential debate this Thursday. According to a multitude of critics, the president performed horrifically by stumbling over his words, freezing up, and spouting nonsense replies.

Trump, meanwhile, reportedly displayed discipline and control, a marked improvement from his own disastrous 2020 debate performance.

The contrast between the two candidates’ performances was so stark that even the most sycophantic leftist media “reporters” and “journalists” were left deflated and in total and unequivocal panic.

Indeed, ever since Thursday’s debate, a thousand columns have emerged pleading with the president to bow out of the race.

“Joe Biden Is a Good Man and a Good President. He Must Bow Out of the Race,” the title of one column published in The New York Times reads.

“I had been ready to give Biden the benefit of the doubt up to now, because during the times I engaged with him one on one, I found him up to the job,” the piece reads. “He clearly is not any longer. His family and his staff had to have known that. They have been holed up at Camp David preparing for this momentous debate for days now.”

“If that is the best performance they could summon from him, he should preserve his dignity and leave the stage at the end of this term. If he does, everyday Americans will hail Joe Biden for doing what Donald Trump would never do: put the country before himself,” it continues.

Vivek Saxena


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