Rep. Nancy Mace says GOP-led House likely ‘headed’ toward a Biden impeachment inquiry

Rep. Nancy Mace believes the Republican-led House of Representatives is likely “headed” toward an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden as evidence of alleged Biden family crimes continues to mount.

An impeachment inquiry, the South Carolina Republican said during an interview on “Breitbart News Saturday,” is a “good tool in the toolbox to leverage, because the DOJ and IRS and FBI keep stonewalling us.”

“We gotta hold them in contempt, gotta do the subpoenas,” Mace said. “But that is another tool that we can leverage.”

As BizPac Review reported, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) snapped at a reporter who asked about his stance on impeachment on Thursday, making clear that, during an interview with Fox News’s Sean Hannity, he called for an “impeachment inquiry” into Biden. He did not say the House was “going to impeach the president,” as some stated.

“Okay, so you’re claiming that I said we’re going to impeach the president,” he stated. “I floated the idea of impeachment. Okay, so you’re wrong. So if you record, go back and watch. I said impeachment inquiry. There is a big difference.”

“And let me explain it, because maybe not everybody understands what impeachment inquiry does,” McCarthy continued. “When you vote on the floor, it gives you the apex of power of Congress. … I was concerned when asked a question that I haven’t seen an administration act this way at the same time as Nixon did by withholding information. If they do not provide the information we need, then we would go to an impeachment inquiry. Impeachment inquiry… which simply is an investigation and providing Congress the power to do that investigation.”

To Breitbart, Mace stressed the need to be “better than Pelosi” who turned the impeachment process against former President Donald Trump into a political football.

“So whatever we do has to be at a much higher threshold and standard, but I do believe that as evidence comes out, and the American people see it, that is where we are headed,” she said. “And you have to follow the facts no matter where they take us, including with President Biden … And what we’re seeing with the DOJ and the administration, and when this is an effort for the administration to take away the voice of the people by stopping a candidate from running– they want nothing more than that.”

“They want to distract from all of the crimes that have been committed,” she added. “And they’ll stop at nothing to do it.”

“Given the politics of ’24,” Mace noted, “we just have to be better than the left.”

“We have to win over independent voters and centrists,” she explained. “We have the base, the base is fired up. They are ready to go. But we also have to remember that if we want to win the White House, if we want to keep our majority in the House and then go and flip the Senate, we have to be better than the political games that Pelosi and all her minions have played over the last five years.”

The evidence against Biden, she said, must be “much tighter, much better, more overwhelming because the vast majority of Americans, they don’t trust the government.”

“We want them to trust the evidence that we bring forward and the way in which we bring it forward so it’s undeniable,” she said.

Bank records, Mace said, are key to impressing independent voters.

“The other thing that we have to do more of is showcasing the bank records,” she stated. “So we have these dozens and dozens of LLCs but there are foreign banks that we’ve got to hire firms to go out and get those records. We need a bank account with Joe Biden’s name on it. I mean, those are the kinds of things that we have to show to connect all the dots to convince those independent voters, those swing voters, those centrists.”

“Like it’s got to be undeniable,” Mace maintained. “So we still have — we have a ways to go in that… I believe we are doing that, and I believe that we will do that.”

Though many conservatives may be losing patience with the process, the Congresswoman insisted that Republicans must proceed in a way that is “legitimate, that’s real, that’s constitutional, so that no one could deny this is quite messed up, and this guy doesn’t need to be president again.”


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