Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee battles pancreatic cancer

U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) assured her constituents that she will soon be “back at full strength” after announcing she is battling cancer.

The 74-year-old Democrat revealed Sunday that she has pancreatic cancer but is optimistic about treatment and recovery, adding that she will be “occasionally absent” from Congress.

“My doctors have confirmed my diagnosis of pancreatic cancer,” she wrote in a statement. “I am currently undergoing treatment to battle this disease that impacts tens of thousands of Americans every year.”

“I am confident that my doctors have developed the best possible plan to target my specific disease,” she continued. “The road ahead will not be easy, but I stand in faith that God will strengthen me.”

First elected to Congress in 1995, Jackson Lee previously served as a judge and was elected in 1989 to an at-large Houston City Council seat. She is currently the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee subcommittee on crime and Jackson Lee is also a member of the Congressional Black Caucus. Last year she lost a bid for Houston mayor and decided to run for re-election for her 16th Congressional term, representing Texas’ 18th district.

Jackson Lee came under heavy criticism last year after a leaked recording of a vulgar meltdown directed at one of her staff made the rounds.

“I don’t want you to do a godd**n thing. I want you to have a f**king brain. I want you to have read it. I want you to say, Congresswoman, with such and such date,” she could be heard in the audio.

The Democrat later apologized, acknowledging in a statement that she was “not perfect.”

She reiterated her commitment as a lawmaker in her statement on her health over the weekend.

“I am committed to working with our Congressional Leadership including Leader Hakeem Jeffries and the Speaker of House to serve this nation and be present for votes on legislation that is critical for the prosperity and security of the American people,” said the congresswoman who once battled breast cancer. “By God’s grace, I will be back at full strength soon.”

“My adult life has been defined by my faith in God, my love for humanity, and my commitment to public service,” she said in the statement on Sunday. “As a member of Congress, I’ve been honored to be one of the leaders in the fight for justice and equality for all; especially the disadvantaged and the dispossessed. Today, my fight is more personal, but I will approach it with the same faith and the same courage.”

“Please keep me and my family in your prayers as you have always done. Know that you will remain in mine,” Jackson Lee concluded. “As always, God bless you and God bless the United States of America.”


Frieda Powers


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