Schiff lobbies NYC judge to consider Trump’s ‘rhetoric’ at sentencing, claims he’s inciting violence

With just over a month to go until former President Donald J. Trump is set to be sentenced for his unjust conviction in a New York City kangaroo court, Democrats will be looking to influence the partisan judge to lock him up and throw away the key.

One of them is Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) who urged Judge Juan Merchan to not only take into account the 34 bogus felony counts when handing down Trump’s punishment but also to consider the presumptive GOP nominee’s free speech that his enemies are falsely claiming is an incitement to his supporters to commit violence.

The scheming liar and conspiracy monger made his customary CNN Sunday morning appearance where he lobbied Merchan, a man who oozes bias, to sentence Trump based on what Democrats and the media claim that he might do, a concept even more un-American than the travesty that just took place in the courtroom.

(Video: CNN)

During his own appearance on another network, Trump said on “FOX & Friends Weekend” that while he could accept it if he’s jailed, it may not be the case with many Americans who might be pushed to the “breaking point,” an innocent remark that was spun by lying leftists like Schiff that he was calling for violence.

“In terms of Donald Trump’s comments about whether the public reaches the breaking point if he is sentenced to jail time, this is clearly Donald Trump once again inciting violence, potential violence when he is sentenced,” the congressman told “State of the Union” guest host Kasie Hunt.

“Considering that the sentencing is likely to occur, just days before the start of the convention and months before he’s to be the Republican nominee in November do you think it would be dangerous for the country if Donald Trump were sentenced to jail?” Hunt asked after Schiff blathered on about Trump.

“No, I don’t think it will be dangerous for the country and we have seen Trump urge mass protests outside the courthouse that never materialized. But nevertheless, this is I think what Donald Trump is aiming for,” he responded. “This is essentially his threat that if he gets jail time that he’s going to encourage his supporters to rise up. And we saw the very deadly results of that on January 6. So I don’t think the public is going to respond to that call. I hope we learn something from the awful experience of January 6.”

“It’s very clear what Donald Trump has suggested here. This is something I think that the judge needs to take into consideration also not to be intimidated by that threat but as further evidence this defendant not only doesn’t accept responsibility but is willing to endanger people, just as Trump’s willing to violate the gag order and potentially endanger witnesses or jurors or the judge himself or family members, that’s something that judge ought to be considering,” Schiff said, urging Merchan to feel free to act on whatever banana republic inclinations that he may have.

Perhaps even more so than myriad other Democrat malefactors, Schiff has good reason to fear a Trump return to the White House.

Chris Donaldson


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