Rescue Mission CEO says TX shelters ‘overwhelmed’ and ignored by feds, migrants want to go to NY

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis isn’t the only figure under fire for shipping illegal aliens to Democrat utopias like Martha’s Vineyard and New York City. So is the El Paso Rescue Mission, which is facing scrutiny over its decision to bus illegals to New York City.

In an open letter published Wednesday, Rescue Mission CEO Blake W. Barrow pushed back on all the criticism, including the allegation that his organization has been forcing illegals to board said buses.

The letter began with Barrow describing the dilemma his organization has been facing thanks to the Biden administration’s inaction.

“The immigration processing center became so over-crowded that the government began loading migrants on busses and dropping them off in front of shelters. The Rescue Mission has received about 500 migrants. All of them are from Venezuela. They need showers, good clothes, and food,” he wrote.
Here’s a letter written by the Rescue Mission’s CEO, Blake W. Barrow on the migrant situation happening in El Paso. Please share!

Posted by Rescue Mission of El Paso on Wednesday, September 21, 2022

But the El Paso Rescue Mission can only take care of so many illegals, and so the mission began busing them “to different parts of the country.”

However, Barrow continued, the illegals have been bused to certain locations based on where THEY want to go, not where the rescue is supposedly telling them to go.

“Almost all of the migrants arrive with an idea of an ultimate destination. About 20% of them want to go to New York. The city has been chartering busses to New York to assist those desiring that destination. I am not aware of anyone being placed on a bus to New York who did not want to go there,” Barrow wrote.

This operation will continue, he added, because the Biden administration is doing nothing — absolutely nothing — to resolve the crisis.

“Meanwhile, the number of migrants we have coming into El Paso is so large that it is overwhelming the housing and support services that the city is able to offer. Obviously, we need a well-coordinated, federal solution to this problem, but, so far, no one from Washington has asked our opinions,” he explained.

He concluded the letter by asking for the public to provide the help and assistance that the Biden administration refuses to grant.

“The mission of the Rescue Mission has remained the same. All of the people coming to the Mission are homeless and in need of the services the Mission is able to offer. When we have hungry people standing in front of us, we are going to feed them, and we are going to offer shelter space to as many people as we can. But, the additional meals are straining the food budget,” he wrote.

“We are serving more than twice as many meals today than we were two weeks ago. Your help is urgently needed. We need good walking shoes, jeans, towels, twin sized sheets, and money for food and the utility bills. Also, we would love to have people who speak Spanish who can pray with those who are here. They have made a 3,000+ mile journey and have experienced lots of trauma along the way,” he added. “Thank you and God bless you for sharing.”

In an interview with Fox News, Barrow said the Biden administration just keeps sending more and more illegals to his rescue operation.

“Beginning last Thursday, so it’s been about 10 days now, [a] bus from U.S. Immigration pulled up outside. We didn’t get any notice, and here I see 45-50 migrants getting off the bus. Apparently, they told them ‘walk that way, there’s the rescue mission,'” he said.

Even city officials like Mario D’Agostino, the El Paso Deputy City Manager of Health and Public Safety, are concerned.

“If we go back and look at what the average was in August, that was around 700 per day. Today alone, we received at least 1,050 people released to the community,” he told Fox News.

Susan Goodell, the CEO of the local food bank, concurred.

“We are working very hard to find the financial and the food resources to meet this crisis. We are preparing sack lunches and sack breakfasts on a daily basis for the migrant population. We’ve been preparing close to 2,000 meals a day,” she said.

Returning to D’Agostino, he also confirmed the legitimacy of what Barrow had written about the illegal aliens asking to go to New York City.

“By far, the vast majority of them have requested to go to New York City. We’ve also had several large groups that are asking to go to Chicago,” he said.

Here’s a glimpse of our Chapel where we’ve had to move in cots for the overflow of migrants we’ve received. We are in…

Posted by Rescue Mission of El Paso on Tuesday, September 20, 2022


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