Revealing battle between fed-up SC congressman and Dem Rep says SO MUCH about the DC swamp

A revealing exchange took place in the South Carolina House of Representatives that pitted a Republican against a Democrat, highlighting all that is wrong with the federal government.

Republican Representative Adam Morgan of Greenville County showed what conservatives should be fighting for while Democrat Representative Todd Rutherford espoused what Americans adamantly despise about politicians and the government. The epic faceoff took place in a little more than two minutes and went viral on X.

“The pressure here in Columbia is for me to not even vote red on the board. Y’all might not know this… a dark money entity that was created on Tuesday… the day after we voted for this I went home and an attack piece went out in my whole district about the fact that I voted for this,” Morgan stated in the video.

“I get that the people of Columbia… that the lobby wants me to either not vote or vote green on this. But my constituents want me to vote red and they want their tax money spent on core government functions. On their roads… on their schools… that’s what they want their money spent on,” he continued before being interrupted by Rutherford.

“They don’t want us in here trying to play this government planning where we in our bureaus can figure out where the jobs should be, who should be employed, how much money should be allocated where in the private sector. It never works. It’s socialism. It’s never worked anywhere before,” Morgan pointed out before asking what they were trying to do here.

Then it was Rutherford’s turn. Either intentionally or unintentionally, he made the perfect case for everything that is currently wrong with the Left and the federal government.

“Would you consider the fact that South Carolina’s track record on bringing major projects into this state has a winning record and therefore, again, commerce should be listened to rather than those back in your district that may not have ever brokered a deal, may not understand what it means to bring a project, may not understand economic incentives?” Rutherford stunningly asked Morgan.

“So, your suggestion is we should listen to the people back home in your district rather than the people at commerce, that have been successful at bringing these mega-deals to South Carolina?” the leftist Democrat further asked from the floor impressively putting both feet in his mouth.

A stunned Morgan wasted no time in answering after not quite believing what he had just heard.

“Mr. Rutherford, I don’t think that you could have espoused a philosophy that disagrees with more fundamentally than me. I completely disagree with you and I think you believe what you just said. No, I one-hundred percent am going to listen to the people back home who I represent in this House. And you should listen to the 40,000 people in your area and not, and not the bureaucrats at commerce and not the lobbyists and not the multi-billion dollar international corporations,” Morgan smilingly informed the Democrat.

“You should listen to your constituents like I am. So, yes… I will always fall back on the commonsense of the wonderful people from Taylor … far more than I will ever listen to unelected bureaucrats, other representatives in here who’ve been here for far too long and managed a whole lot of these deals and far more than I will ever listen to any member of the commerce,” he concluded.

Users on X told Morgan to “preach it”:


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