RFK Jr. floats two unlikely running mates for his longshot White House bid

Not that you would know it, given the media’s blackballing of his campaign, but Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is still running for president.

The most remarkable thing about RFK Jr.’s longshot bid for the White House up until this week may be the Biden White House refusing to grant Secret Service protection, despite his famous father and uncle John F. Kennedy both succumbing to assassins.

But news of a potential running mate as an independent candidate could top that if comes to fruition.

“There’s an outside chance that Aaron Rodgers will be working overtime this year. The New York Jets quarterback is working on getting healthy from his ruptured Achilles to suit up for the 2024 season after playing just four snaps,” Fox News reported. “However, Rodgers is also a potential candidate to be Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential running mate, a representative for RFK Jr. confirmed.”

According to the New York Times, the future Hall of Fame quarterback “welcomed” the idea.

Rodgers has expressed support for Kennedy on social media and he referred to RFK Jr. as “my man” when clashing with Taylor Swift’s boyfriend Travis Kelce — Rodgers called the Kansas City Chiefs player “Mr. Pfizer” over a paid plug for combining the COVID-19 vaccine and the flu vaccine.

Like Kennedy, Rodgers strongly rejects the COVID-19 vaccine. In saying he would debate Kelce, Rodgers suggested partnering up with Kennedy while Kelce could tag-team with Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Interestingly, the Times reported that former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura was also on Kennedy’s list. We haven’t heard much from Ventura since he sued the widow and mother of former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle’s two children. Kyle, who was killed at a Texas gun range while trying to help a troubled Marine Corps veteran, claimed he punched Ventura in 2006 for saying the SEALs “deserved to lose a few” in Iraq — a former SEAL himself, Ventura won a $1.8 million verdict against Kyle’s estate.

“Taya Kyle had all of her attorney fees paid by insurance. I did not. I incurred two-and-a-half years of lawyer fees that I have to pay to clear my name, and she had insurance paying everything for her,” the former WWE star told CBS This Morning at the time.

Tom Tillison


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