Russell Brand: ‘I’ve been in AMERICA one week and here’s FIVE things I’ve noticed’

English comedian and actor Russell Brand took time out from a chilly ice bath to share five things he has learned in his first week in America.

“I’ve only been in your beautiful country, the United States of America for one week,” Brand explained in a video he shared on the social media platform X.

“Here are five things I’ve noticed. More people like Trump now than used to like Trump, it seems to me, and different types of people,” he observed. “Two: Christianity appears to be on the rise here. Everywhere I go, people are talking to me about the light of the Lord.”

Brand recently chronicled his own journey to Christianity, including being saved.

“Three: Florida is very big and very humid. And they’ve got these things called mosquitos — tiny little bustard mosquitoes that will turn against you in an instant,” Brand continued.

“Four: I really believe in the possibilities of federalism and democracy. I believe in the decentralization of power. And I believe in our sovereign individual right to express God how we find God in the holy names that we praise.”

Without naming a fifth thing learned, Brand concluded, “Let me know if you think that I need to do sort of more anthropological research. See you later. I’m just gonna duck down for another moment in the holy ice. Ta-ta!”

Brand recently shared his thoughts on the 2024 election, proclaiming there is only one real choice.

“In a straight choice between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, if you care about democracy, if you care about freedom, I don’t know how you could do anything other than vote for Donald Trump for precisely the reasons that they claim that you can’t,” he said last week.

Social media users were only too happy to welcome Brand to America… here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on X:

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