Fitness center bans U.S. flag except on holidays, calls ‘Pride’ and BLM symbols ‘freedom of expression’

Following a competitor down the rainbow road to ruin, another gym chain’s favor for “Pride” and “BLM” while snubbing Old Glory was the focus of a reported internal memo.

The leftist aim at “inclusivity” has only ever been a sugar-coated crusade, separating the melting pot of yesteryear into a deconstructed platter of divisiveness. Staking its own claim in the public-private partnership steering away from national identity and toward globalist Marxism, an internal memo accredited to 24 Hour Fitness revealed the gym’s policy supplanting the stars and stripes with displays of “solidarity and support.”

Elevating the reach of conservative activist Carlos Turcios, the social media account Libs of TikTok shared the memo he posted with the caption, “HOLY SHLIT. Internal memo from 24 hour fitness…advises that BLM and pride symbols are always approved forms of ‘freedom of expression’ but the American Flag and US logos are only allowed to be worn on Holidays.”

Details of the dress code under the banner “Equality Support,” limited wearing the American flag to select days while issuing no such restrictions for the Black Lives Matter movement or alphabet activists.

It stated, “Currently approved movements and/or social causes, along with approved expressions are:

  • ‘Black Lives Matter’/’BLM’ (words)
  • ‘Pride’ and or pride rainbow logo
  • Juneteenth logo symbol, or date — on Juneteenth (June 19th)
  • Flag or United States logo — on holidays such as Memorial Day, Flag Day, July 4th, Veteran’s Day, Patriots Day, etc.

If other occasions come up where team members would like the opportunity for personal expression, please consult with your GM and/or line manager.”

Elsewhere in documents that went as far as to prohibit logos of the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee, 24 Hour Fitness asserted, “To create a healthy, happy world within our clubs and other spaces, we support our team members bringing their full selves to work every day, including their freedom of expression.”

Evidently, this did not include the full selves of proud Americans which permit members to “show their solidarity and support, that embody our collective humanity, and support our collective goal of equality for all.”

Earlier this year, a decision by Planet Fitness to ban a member who had complained after discovering a man shaving in the women’s locker room had reportedly brought the brand a $400 million value loss in only five days.

In addition to the apparel rules, pages highlighted by Turcios paradoxically suggested, “We can’t allow one member’s or team member’s beliefs to result in discrimination against another member or team member,” after contending, “A member’s or team member’s religious beliefs do not trump a transgender member’s or team member’s right to equal and full access to the club, which includes using the locker room and rest room of their choice. It is no different than if a member complained about sharing a locker room with a member of a different race.”

Drawing the conclusion that has become increasingly more apparent as an increasing number of companies have knelt before the rainbow cause in June, BlazeTV host Auron MacIntyre surmised while others called for a boycott, “It’s not whether a religion will frame the day to day interactions of your society but which religion will do so.”

Kevin Haggerty


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