School under fire for giving trans affirming BLM coloring books to five-year-olds

A New York City elementary school has reportedly handed out radical left-wing propaganda to children as young as five years old as a part of Black History Month.

Students at PS 321 William Penn in Brooklyn were given copies of a coloring book that has little to do with actual black history and instead promotes the Black Lives Matter message, including radical “queer theory” and the promotion of the transgender lifestyle which the left has used to target impressionable young minds susceptible to perversion and filth.

According to the independent news outlet The Free Press which was founded by former New York Times reporter Bari Weiss, the workbook is named “What We Believe: A Black Lives Matter Principles Activity Book” and includes the core tenets of the militant leftist organization, some of which have much in common with classical communism.

The book features drawings and worksheets to promote the 13 guiding principles of BLM which include “Restorative Justice,” “Queer Affirming,” “Transgender Affirming,” and “Unapologetically Black” among others.

The workbook promotes globalism with one of the tenets titled “Black Villages” taking aim at the traditional family structure, a major objective of the anti-American left’s war on Western civilization.

“Disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and ‘villages’ that collectively care for each other,” it reads.

“Embracing and making space for trans brothers and sisters to participate and lead, while being self-reflexive and doing the work required to dismantle cis-gender privilege and uplift Black trans folk,” reads the “Transgender Affirming” BLM tenet.

The workbook also lists the “demands” of Black Lives Matter including more indoctrination in schools.

The parent of one ten-year-old PS 321 student whose grandparents escaped from Communist China told the outlet that she and her husband were “shocked” that the book appears to promote communist propaganda.

“Using the word comrades comes from Communist times,” the parent said. “They are using words that I don’t think are appropriate for elementary school.”

The parent said that she would never have known about the ideologically radical material were it not for a snow day on February 13 that kept her daughter at home.

“This is classwork, not homework,” said the parent. “If it weren’t for the snow, we wouldn’t have known.”

Another parent whose family fled the old Soviet Union when she was a teen told The Free Press that some of the book’s language reminded her“of the songs we were made to sing as elementary school children. ‘Dismantling’ and ‘comrade’ and everything—it really reminds me of the word salad that was a part of those songs.”

“Same salad, different dressing,” she said, likening the BLM movement to communism.

The outlet quotes Jewish Institute for Liberal Values education director Brandy Shufutinksy who was “offended” that the material “demonizes the nuclear family.”

“They frame it as some form of white supremacy,” said Shufutinksy, who is black and has a doctorate in multicultural education “There are a number of people beside myself who are deeply offended by the idea that black Americans should not strive for something that was denied to our ancestors for so long.”

“There is nothing in these principles that talks about honoring greats in black American history. There is nothing in here that is actual scholarship. It doesn’t speak to education. It speaks to ideology,” she said.

The outlet reports that the materials at the school were created by the organization Black Lives Matter at School which promotes itself on its website as “Organizing for racial justice in schools.”

“Our collective is guided by core principles shared by the Combahee River Collective a Black Feminist framework. Political views that have brought us together in doing this work: deep revolutionary transformational politics, opposition to neoliberalism, corporate reforms in education, defend and transform unions, Black queer feminist anti-capitalist politics, abolitionist politics and approach to restorative and transformative justice,” the organization states.

“The curriculum is now taught at a total of 50 schools across 21 states and six countries,” the Free Press reported.

Chris Donaldson


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