Seattle commuters VERY likely to be contaminated with fentanyl and/or meth on public transit, study shows

Seattle is a veritable s-hole, and Jason Rantz would know — he’s one of the most famous reporters from the far-left city.

But thankfully, he isn’t a rabid leftist, so he doesn’t have any qualms about telling the truth about his dumpster fire of a city.

And that’s why he’s written a whole column for the Daily Mail outlining how much of a downtrodden hellscape Seattle has become.

He started the column by noting that those seeking information on “America’s crippling drug epidemic” would best be served by taking a close glance at Seattle, where “meth and fentanyl” are “killing historic numbers of locals.”

“If you dare ride public transit in Seattle, you’re nearly guaranteed to be exposed to these vile, soul-crushing poisons. In 2022, there were nearly 1,900 reports of drug use in the bus system, 52 transit operators exposed to drug smoke and 16 workers’ comp claims for exposure,” he wrote.

After pressure from a workers’ union, the local transit agencies finally invested some money in a University of Washington (UW) study to determine just how bad the city’s public transportation system had become. The results were not good.

“Researchers reviewing air and surface samples from 11 buses and 19 train cars during evening routes found that 100 percent of the air specimens and 98 percent of surfaces were contaminated with meth. Twenty-five percent of the air samples and 46 percent of the surfaces showed traces of fentanyl,” Rantz noted.

Not good. Yet what did the researchers conclude? That folks shouldn’t worry.

“At the levels seen in this study, there is no evidence of acute medical conditions resulting from passive exposure to fentanyl or methamphetamine (such as from touching contaminated surfaces or inhaling secondhand smoke),” a press release from UW reads.

Rantz was almost stunned, especially since UW is so uptight about health safety that it only allows cigarette and even e-cigarette smoking in “small, designated spots outdoors.” But meth/fentanyl smoke is OK!?

Ultimately, the local journalist/reporter wasn’t too surprised, because THIS insanity is exactly how Seattle functions.

“Frankly, drug use has become so common here that folks rarely seem to bat an eye when homeless addicts are smoking or shooting up in public, even in close quarters with women and kids,” he wrote in his column.

“Meanwhile, Seattle is the only city in the state where it’s legal to use hard drugs in public. Far-left councilmember Teresa Mosqueda, best known for defending a man who threatened to murder cops, voted down a drug criminalization bill,” he added.

Citing the UW study, she reportedly told Rantz and others to pipe down because “there is no risk for the everyday person to being exposed to secondhand smoke.”

Fact-check: FALSE.

But as noted by Rantz, this is how virtually all “progressive leaders” in power have acted and continue to act in response to the drug crisis sweeping the nation.

“Progressive leaders running America’s big cities have whole-heartedly embraced a once fringe method of responding to the drug epidemic. Instead of law enforcement and addiction treatment, they’ve opted to hand out clean needles, ‘booty-bumping kits’ to rectally administer drugs, and crack pipes,” he noted.

And they’ve done it under the guise of so-called “harm reduction.”

So-called “harm reduction” started with activists launching needle exchanges to slow down the HIV/AIDs epidemic. Before long, they moved on to launching heroin injection sites. Nowadays, some “progressive” enclaves even promote “safe” drug use at an injection site as a form of self-empowerment.

It’s even gone federal, with the radically far-left Biden administration reportedly having “tucked $30 million in grants for ‘harm reduction’ programs into the 2021 coronavirus relief package.”

Remember the “harm reduction” crack pipes?

Rantz rightly noted in the column that when Republicans called the Biden administration out over the crack pipes, they were slammed by the left: “The radical left will shame those who ‘stigmatize’ addicts, arguing that they are the ones ‘meeting the addicts where they are.'”

Meanwhile, in reality, people are dying left and right.

“In 2022, King County/Seattle recorded a staggering 1,000 fatal drug overdoses, a record high driven by fentanyl flowing into the area thanks to Biden’s porous border. By the end of September (or possibly by the time you finish this article), the county will shatter that record. Nationwide, driven by the expanding harm reduction movement, we’ve lost a historic 109,680 lives to drugs,”  according to Rantz.

Concluding his column, he called on “progressive” lawmakers to stop with the “harm reduction” bull before even more lives are lost.

“These policies don’t only kill addicts — they demolish cities. At one Seattle bus stop in early September, commuters arrived one morning to find two men lying dead on the benches. ‘I don’t even think shock is the word to use at this point,’ said one woman. ‘It’s absolutely numbing, I don’t know how a city like Seattle has turned out like this,'” he wrote.

“Actually, we do know. It’s long past time for progressives to wake-up and smell the meth and fentanyl,” he concluded.


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