Seattle homeowner opens fire on would-be burglars amid sting of brazen home invasions

A series of home robberies in the Seattle neighborhood of Beacon Hill have everyone on edge and one homeowner wound up engaging in a gunfight to chase off burglars who took a sledgehammer to his front door.

Police are investigating the burglaries that occurred last week. They bear a striking resemblance to the ones committed earlier this year. Those took place over the summer and allegedly targeted elderly Asian community members in the Beacon Hill and Rainier Valley neighborhoods. The attacks caused a number of residents to buy security systems and guns.

“The first incident took place on Dec. 18 near the intersection of Beacon Avenue and South Graham Street. A man told police he was walking home from a casino and was approached by several men brandishing firearms,” Fox News reported.

“The suspects forced the man to open the door to his home and ransacked the place, before fleeing the scene with cash,” the news outlet noted.

(Video Credit: KING 5 Seattle)

That was just one of several home invasions by the brazen robbers who don’t seem to care if their crimes are committed in broad daylight or not.

“Two days later, South Precinct officers responded to an attempted home invasion near the intersection of Beacon Avenue South and South Ferdinand Street around 5:30 a.m. The homeowner told police that three men tried to break down his door but were unsuccessful and left,” Fox News stated.

“Early the next morning, four male suspects returned to the same address and tried to break down the front door with a sledgehammer. The victim, awakened by the noise, grabbed a rifle and shot at the would-be home invaders. The suspects fired back at the homeowner as they retreated into vehicles and fled the scene,” the outlet continued.

The homeowner was not hurt in the altercation and it appears the robbers got away. It’s unknown if he managed to hit any of the suspects as he fired at them. No arrests have been made so far.

“Seattle police said the robberies share a similar set of circumstances to a series of robberies that happened earlier this year, in which all of the victims were of Asian descent and the suspects were all Black males,” Fox News elaborated.

Those robbers have reportedly been arrested and are now in jail. However, investigators have pointed to a significant increase in similar home invasions and thefts, according to Seattle police.

“A lot of older, especially Asian American men I know have gotten guns, and a lot of Latinx men I know have also gotten guns. I think they all feel like, we all know the police don’t come until after the crime is committed,” Connie So, who has lived in Beacon Hill for over 50 years and is the president of the Asian Pacific American Advocates of the Greater Seattle Area, told King 5 News in an interview.

“Seattle Police said the victims of the most recent home invasions last week were also Asian Americans targeted by groups of young males. So said she thinks it is more a crime of opportunity, in a diverse area,” the local news outlet reported.

The level of fear in the neighborhood is escalating as is the danger that someone could get hurt or killed.

“I think the fact that they’re happening at a higher frequency and that people are coming into people’s homes when they’re home, armed is especially frightening,” Tanya Woo, who grew up in Beacon Hill and is a community activist, told King 5 News. “I think just getting that out that these are happening, are still continuing to happen. We have to remain vigilant and watch out for one another, especially our neighbors.”


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