Shocking moment teen sets himself on FIRE before backflipping into river gets mixed reactions

In a video that astounded viewers on social media, a young boy was seen dousing himself with fluid before setting himself on fire.

His stunning act concluded with a backflip into the water below the dock where he prepared the stunt before an audience of others, likely teens, with one capturing the horrifying moment and posting the video on social media.

“My cousin is an animal. Highschool was a bit softer back in my day,” wrote Jebediah Lincler in the caption accompanying the video on X.

**WARNING: Disturbing Content**

Off-camera, other kids could be heard cheering the young boy on, saying “Go, go” as he perched atop the dock railing.

Moments after soaking his upper body in what was either alcohol or gasoline, the boy scrambled up, flipped the lighter and leaped off the railing. A scream could be heard as he backflipped, ablaze in midair before plummeting into the water which thankfully put out the flames.

“Are you alive?” one girl could be heard shouting as the boy emerged and began swimming.

Lincler shared a picture from the incident that he said “might be the best photo taken that night.”

He assured in a follow-up post on X that his cousin was “alive and well, no bad burns.”

“He’s fine,” Lincler responded in another post when comments pointed out the dangers of skin exposure to gasoline.

The X account of Barstool Sports reposted the video, calling for actor Chris Evans’s attention. The Marvel star played Johnny Storm (aka the Human Torch) in the “Fantastic Four” films.

Besides the understandably shocked responses on X, there seemed to be some mixed reactions as well.

Frieda Powers


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