‘Sex and the City’ star goes on hunger strike to pressure Biden on Gaza ceasefire, for two whole days

The childish temper tantrums to force a permanent ceasefire in Gaza have reached the refusing-to-eat stage and “Sex and the City” star Cynthia Nixon is lending her celebrity clout to the attention-seeking stunt.

In a monumental sacrifice, the former New York gubernatorial candidate announced that she would be joining a cadre of Democrat politicians who will be starving themselves for five days, with the 57-year-old actress participating for a whole two days.

The far-left activist joined other protesters outside of the White House on Monday where she held a sign reading “Biden, you are starving Gaza,” and “Permanent ceasefire now!”

A lesbian who has two Jewish children with her ex-husband, Nixon told reporters, “None of this is normal. None of this is routine, and none of this can be allowed to continue,” according to Time, which reported that the actress “will participate in the hunger strike for two days,”

Best known for her role as Miranda Hobbes in the often raunchy HBO series, Nixon has also piled up an accomplished resume during her decades-long acting career in movies, television, and theater.

Nixon was dragged on the X platform for her abbreviated participation in the starvation protest.

“Cynthia Nixon begins HUNGER STRIKE to trigger Israel-Hamas peace – WAIT – for only TWO DAYS! Sounds more like celebrity virtue-fasting to me,” one user wrote.

“We are here hunger-striking just to sort of mirror to Biden the kind of deprivation that is happening in Gaza and how he has it within his power to make a ceasefire happen,” Nixon told reporters, according to the Times of Israel.

She recently joined over 260 other celebrities who signed an open letter to Biden demanding a ceasefire.

“We urge your administration, Congress, and all world leaders, to honor all of the lives in the Holy Land and call for and facilitate a ceasefire without delay – an end to the bombing of Gaza, and the safe release of hostages. Half of Gaza’s two million residents are children, and more than two thirds are refugees and their descendants being forced to flee their homes. Humanitarian aid must be allowed to reach them,” wrote the Artists 4 Ceasefire organization.

We are starving ourselves in front of the White House to show President Biden the consequences of his actions. This is what he’s doing to Palestinians. it is time that he sees at his doorstep, what it means to support policies such as these,” said New York Assembly member Zohran Mamdani,” one of the lawmakers who is refusing to eat to send a message to the president.

Chris Donaldson


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