‘Sex work IS work’: Fox News guest goes there on VP Harris; host Brian Kilmeade quickly pumps brakes

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Monday’s episode of “Fox News Primetime” got a little spicy when guest and The Naked Girlz CEO Shemeka Michelle was asked to give her opinion on a Salon piece labeling Vice President Kamala Harris the “most powerful vice president since Richard Nixon.”

Michelle didn’t hold back, letting the audience know exactly how she felt about Harris’ past.

Host Brian Kilmeade asked if she saw any similarities between the two political figures, but he wasn’t ready for her answer either.

“As a woman, especially a black woman, it’s really hard for me to say anything negative about Kamala Harris considering she fought hand and knee to get where she is, and sex work is work,” Michelle joked, calling back to a questionable time in Harris’ career where she and former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown engaged in a relationship that many critics believe helped elevate her political career.

“However, I don’t think anyone believes this rhetoric. The only people falling for this are the people who mailed in two ballots,” Michelle once again quipped. “I just think it’s funny that they want us to like someone who is truly unlikeable.”

Kilmeade was not having anything to do with what Michelle said, reminding her they “don’t want to make any references to any of that.” It’s unclear whether he was referencing the mail-in ballot line, or the quip about Harris’ ascent up the political ladder.

Coming back to her later, Kilmeade asked whether she was concerned by the 1619 Project being taught in schools.

“It definitely concerns me, Brian. Again, I have always said that I don’t want my children taught that they are inferior because of their skin color. I don’t want anything taught about the 1619 Project. I think that’s ridiculous. I think we need to stop it in its tracks,” she affirmed.

Regardless of whether the Fox News host truly enjoyed her snide comment, it was celebrated on Twitter:


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