‘She learned absolutely nothing’: Claudine Gay is finally OUT and her resignation letter is TELLING

Justice at last! Or, is it?

After weeks of intense backlash, the embattled president of Harvard University is calling it quits. The radical leftist elite came under pressure when she and fellow Ivy League colleagues were grilled on Capitol Hill over their respective schools’ response to the horrific Hamas attack against innocent Israelis on Dec 7th.

Claudine Gay has remained defiant, refusing to budge or resign and the school board remained equally stubborn in its unwillingness to oust her. And that’s what some people are saying should have happened as news broke Tuesday that Gay, will finally, be stepping down making her presidential tenure the shortest in Harvard’s history.

The disgraced former Ivy League president is resigning amid mounting allegations of plagiarism that were revealed after accusations of antisemitism. Staying loyal to the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion doctrine, Gay appears to blame racism for her pressured resignation, despite evidence showing she hardly has the chops to run a small community college let alone a renowned Ivy League institution.

Gay’s allegations of racism only solidified critics in their belief that she had to go.

Upon the breaking news, some folks even asked how long it would take for her to blame racism. Answer: Immediately.

That remains to be discovered, but Gay’s resignation ignited more than frustration. Some pretty funny jokes rolled in too. Because if you can’t laugh, you might cry.

On a more serious note, The Federalist co-founder Sean Davis wasn’t overly thrilled with the news as he put it in perspective on X.

“Completely ridiculous that she was allowed to resign. She should’ve been fired weeks ago. But she wasn’t, because Harvard is all-in on racist DEI insanity. With her gone, they’ll pick someone with the exact same ideology and identity checkboxes, but without plagiarism.”


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