Sheila Jackson Lee spews BS to repair damage from foul-mouthed rant

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) may be a foul-mouthed bully but she deserves credit for taking ownership of her profanity-soaked rant after an embarrassing audio was leaked of her cussing out a staffer.

The longtime representative of the Lone Star State’s 18th congressional district in Houston chose to take the high road by acknowledging that the voice on the one-and-a-half-minute clip posted by an independent media outlet was indeed hers and that she regretted having referred to her underlings as “f**k ups” and “f**king idiots” in her ugly diatribe.

While some leftists raised doubts that the f-bomb-spewing woman was Jackson Lee, her office confirmed the authenticity of the recording although stopped short of identifying the targets of her vulgar tirade with the congresswoman, who is running to be the mayor of Houston, profusely apologizing in a statement.

“I want to convey to the people of Houston that I strongly believe that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, and that includes my own staff. I know that I am not perfect,” she said. “I recognize that in my zeal to do everything possible to deliver for my constituents, I have in the past fallen short of my own standards and there is no excuse for that. I am passionate about serving my constituents. I want the best for all of them.”

“At heart, I am someone who tells it straight. I know that as much as that is a strength, it can sometimes be a challenge to balance. But when I fall short, I want the people I represent to know that it is because I’m standing up for them – not me,” the congresswoman added.

While standing up and accepting accountability for her actions, the 73-year-old is still a Democrat and blamed the leaked tape on her opponents in the mayoral race.

“To anyone who has listened to this recording with concern, I am regretful and hope you will judge me not by something trotted out by a political opponent, that worked to exploit this, and backed by extreme Republican supporters on the very day that polls open, but from what I’ve delivered to Houstonians over my years of public service,” she said.

Jackson Lee continued, “Many staff have worked in my office and many of them have gone on to bigger and better opportunities, and others as well have returned to work with me again. Interns in my office leave with actual constituent service and legislative experience. I want each of them to know that the work we accomplish would never be possible without their hard work and dedication.”

“Working as a public servant is demanding, but it is my calling. I expect excellence at all times and I know that it is because of their commitment that I am able to fulfill my duties as an elected official. I will never forget the debt of gratitude I and so many others owe them,” she said.

Chris Donaldson


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