Shocking video shows pedestrians in Seattle being targeted by vehicles – cops seek public’s help

Seattle police seeking help from the public after graphic footage captured two separate incidents of vehicles deliberating targeting pedestrians.

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Nearly two weeks after unidentified suspects had lived out violence reminiscent of the game “Grand Theft Auto,” Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz released details to the public, in hopes of identifying the perpetrators and the victims.

“The Seattle Police Department is investigating two separate hit-and-runs that have me extremely concerned,” said Diaz in a video statement released to the public Friday. “Our detectives recently obtained videos of the callous crimes which occurred on Aurora. In each video, the driver targets and strikes random pedestrians.”

“Tonight I’m asking anyone with information to please come forward,” added the chief.

“Hit this b*tch, hit this b*tch,” a passenger could be heard saying in the first video taken from inside a vehicle before the driver swerved to strike a pedestrian crossing the street.

Details from the SPD release explained, “Detectives discovered surveillance footage and cell phone footage of one of the vehicular assaults. On November 26th, 2023, at 1:50 a.m. the video shows a vehicle targeting a woman and purposely hitting her on North 107th Street just west of Aurora Avenue North.”

“Multiple people can be seen helping the victim before a car stops, carries the woman to the passenger seat, and drives away,” it went on of the multiple angles for the first incident.

The second incident was captured by footage from within a different vehicle believed to have occurred around the same time in the early morning hours of Nov. 26. “In the video, the suspects target a victim walking in the bus lane. The unsuspecting victim is struck from behind and flies over the hood of the car.”

After being shown video of the incidents, nearby residents expressed horror at the utter disregard for the well-being of others displayed.

“It almost seems like they like think it’s a joke or like they’re doing it for fun which is like pretty horrifying,” Ethan Gunnel told KIRO 7. “It’s horrific for sure.”

“I don’t know what kind of person would think it’s funny hitting people,” he said.

Likewise, Ellen Throneberry expressed, “That’s like horrendous, and like I don’t know I’ve had that creeping thought in the back of my head like what if someone was just wild and like ‘I’m going to run this gal over.'”

Another individual who told KIRO 7 that he had lived on Aurora Avenue for decades voiced concern that the victims may have been people he knows. “I have people that I haven’t seen in days now I’m worried if that was one of them.”

Detectives were said to have reviewed call records, hospital admissions and to have canvassed the area for witnesses to no avail. Meanwhile, Washington State reported yet another apparent hit-and-run that led to a fatality Sunday morning. KIRO 7 detailed that ‘detectives were looking for witnesses of a ‘vehicles versus person fatality’ that happened on the State Route 3 offramp to Finn Hill in the dark hours Sunday morning.”

Commenting on the broader implications, one user reacted on X and lamented a common theme in blue states and blue cities with prevailing soft-on-crime policies, “Dang…It’s almost like they don’t fear any repercussions.”

Kevin Haggerty


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