Skeptical Mollie Hemingway mocks State Dept’s peculiar promos for Blinken’s ‘hipster’ playlist

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Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway took issue with Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s Spotify playlist, offering a heavy dose of skepticism in responding to the Department of State’s efforts to promote the tunes Blinken supposedly listens to. A list that features Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift, among others.

“It is just amazing to see how much the State Department has been pushing this Spotify playlist, and it’s not that I don’t think Antony Blinken has maybe good taste in music,” Hemingway said. “I just have no basis to believe that this is actually his Spotify playlist — I don’t think a grown man is listening to Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo. I don’t find it a very credible list for Blinken, who is supposedly a really good guitar player. You don’t see that in the list.”

On a more serious note, Hemingway explained that we “have all these major issues that our country is facing,” noting that Blinken “has had a really rough go of things.”

“He had that really rough start with his first meeting with the Chinese officials, where they embarrassed him and he came off weak. In general, weakness is a thing that we are dealing with and I’m not sure a Spotify playlist is the way to counter that image of weakness globally.”

First and foremost among the list of global concerns is Russian President Vladimir Putin “continuing to flex his muscles,” Fox News Primetime rotating host Lawrence Jones noted.

“I don’t think everything the Biden administration has done is awful in foreign policy, but, he has quite a few failures,” Hemingway said. “What happened in Afghanistan was just a horrible thing that the entire country feels dishonor over and weakness, like the weakness that the Biden administration has presented on a platter can be provocative. You might remember that Putin was not invading countries during the Trump era.”

“We have really serious issues and the State Department keeps pushing out this Spotify playlist, it just makes you nervous because they are not just doing a bad job, they keep doing these things that are not serious at all,” she continued.

Jones jumped in to say it “seems like they’re always concerned about the image of the secretary and the administration in general,” before citing former President Trump’s foreign policy efforts.

“What he said versus what he did policy-wise, there was a big difference, especially when it came to Russia — very tough on Russia, probably the most sanctions that Russia has received in modern time,” he said. “But with his words, it was like ‘let’s work together, let’s work together.'”

“President Trump had a really impressive foreign policy,” Hemingway replied. “I think that has not been — he has not gotten enough credit for how much good he did in moving us away from some of our interventionism that was causing problems. And this is something where Biden has a lot of problems on his watch and I’d like to see the national security council and other entities engaged in foreign policy caring much more about actual action and less about image.”

“And if they are going to care about image, please put out a better Spotify playlist than one that seems like it was a focused group for hipsters,” she concluded.

Jones chimed in to say that he was “sad” that the playlist had no hip hop on it.

Tom Tillison


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