Sparks fly when Dr. Phil dares to defend Trump to CNN host: ‘That’s kind of how a lot of these prosecutions work’

Dr. Phil McGraw got into it with a biased CNN host this week over whether or not the Trump hush money case was on the up and up.

Appearing on the network with host Abby Phillip, the famed TV doctor was adamant that former President Donald Trump was not granted proper due process in the now-concluded hush-money case.

Listen to part one below:

“I’m sympathetic to what Trump has gone through in this particular trial because I think it was not a proper due process for him,” he began. “I would say the same thing if it was Biden or anyone else in that process. So, I want to be clear on that.”

Phillip immediately cried foul and demanded to know why he felt this way.

“Well, I think it’s a number of things,” McGraw replied. “I think there, from a jury standpoint … I think they heard some things that were very prejudicial that had nothing to do with solving the problem of the case at hand. I think there are some things that are considered black letter law or Hornbook law, that’s just really not something that is controversial at all that was violated.”

“I think you don’t have someone that is considered to be an accomplice in a, in a crime that has pled out or made a non-prosecution agreement, and allow that information in to the jury’s awareness — because it’s very prejudicial and it’s not really probative of anything that they’re asked to be problem-solving or consider,” he added, referring to Michael Cohen.

As previously reported, Cohen’s credibility was continually questioned during the trial, including by CNN’s own legal analyst, Elie Honig. But Phillip nevertheless pushed back, arguing that it’s “not uncommon at all” in certain cases for prosecutors to rely on witnesses who’ve accepted a plea deal.

“It is not uncommon at all for people who are accomplices to crimes, people who have taken plea deals, non-prosecute — that is not uncommon at all for those people to then testify in subsequent trials for their alleged co-conspirators,” she said. “That’s kind of how a lot of these prosecutions work.”

Unconvinced, Dr. Phil then asked for examples.

Listen to part two below:

“Look, prosecutors are prosecuting organized crime all the time, and in a lot of those cases, they are relying on co-conspirators to put people who are at the higher levels of the organization behind bars,” Phillip responded.

“I just — I don’t understand how you can say that because someone signed a not — or, you know, was not prosecuted, signed a non-prosecution agreement, that information or their testimony cannot be presented before the jury if they were a part of the alleged scheme,” she continued.

McGraw still wasn’t convinced.

“I think the fact that he made an agreement to say that he is guilty of the crime that the defendant is being tried for prejudices the jury that, hey, here’s someone that’s supposedly an accomplice that has said I’m guilty of this,” he argued. “That prejudices a jury about the person that’s currently on trial for the same crime.”

Phillip briefly pushed back this time by noting that Cohen wasn’t charged with the same crime — falsifying business records — as Trump before quickly switching subjects.

This time she wanted to know his thoughts on the idea that Trump will seek “retribution” for the politically motivated lawfare that’s been waged against him.

“Well, you know, certainly that’s a big issue,” McGraw replied. “And I lean very strongly into the position of saying, look, this is not going to help this country. If you get into a position of power and your agenda is one of revenge, retribution, saying, okay, you came after me so now I’m going to come after you, America picks up the tab for that.”

“That’s not anything that’s good to do. That’s going to take up time. That’s just playing tit-for-tat. So, you go after them because they came after you. Then they come after you because they go after them. In the meantime, what about America? What about the business of America? …  What about all the things that the people really care about? They’re not interested in you playing gotcha with the people that you think got you,” he added.

Vivek Saxena


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