Investigation into pro golfer’s arrest uncovers alleged policy violation by three officers

A probe into professional golfer Scottie Scheffler’s May arrest revealed what policy three officers had allegedly violated.

(Video: WHAS11)

On May 17, the world’s top golfer was taken into custody for dragging a law enforcement officer with his car in an incident outside the Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky. While intense media scrutiny had preempted charges being dismissed, 63 pages of documents from a probe into the arrest alleged three members of the Louisville Metro Police Department had committed “Failure to Activate.”

Bodycam footage released after the incident showed Detective Bryan Gillis explaining that he had not had his recording device on when he had confronted Scheffler who had been attempting to navigate around a fatal vehicular accident on his way to his tournament that day. When asked, the detective said, “No, I wasn’t at the time. I wasn’t expecting to be run over.”

Detective Kelvin Watkins and Officer Javar Downs were also required to fill out “Failure to Activate” forms while Gillis had received counseling over the incident, WDRB reported on the documents obtained.

Elsewhere in the video shared by WHAS, a distraught Scheffler could be heard attempting to pause the arrest and discuss the misunderstanding that had occurred as he explained he wasn’t aware that the man who had reached into his car window was an officer.

A moment later, seated in the back of a patrol car, the golfer said to Gillis, “Are you the one I dragged?”

“Yes. You hurt my wrist, my ankle, my knee and you ripped my pants,” he responded as Scheffler apologized.

In his own statement previously reported, the detective dragged by the golfer had said, “This was a chaotic situation for everyone involved. Ensuring the safety of everyone in the vicinity was my utmost priority. Mr. Scheffler and I both agree that there will be no ill will over this going forward. Instead of giving a negative public reaction, he chose to speak with dignity, humility, and respect. My family and I appreciate that.”

Gillis would go on to criticize Scheffler’s attorney, Steve Romines, among others as he went on, “It was unfortunate and disturbing to hear Steve Romines’ commentary today claiming that a ‘false arrest’ was made and for him to challenge my honesty and integrity. I’d be surprised and disappointed if Mr. Scheffler actually had any part in making those statements.”

In his own statement on the matter, Romines had said, “Everything that will come out will show that Scottie did absolutely nothing wrong. In that moment he wasn’t sure what had happened and had been told the false story from the citation which is contradicted by multiple eye witnesses and video. He was always trying to pacify the situation. This matter is over and he is moving on.”

Kevin Haggerty


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