Trump ‘doing us a service’ by ‘exposing a reality’ of systemic political corruption, says Jon Stewart

Comedian and podcaster Jon Stewart isn’t normally one to compliment Donald J. Trump but begrudgingly gave him props for “exposing a reality” of the corrupt political system.

The former president has provided America with an invaluable service by smoking out the systemic corruption in politics as the entire establishment has aligned against him, an outsider who threatens to disrupt the Washington, D.C. spoils system with money being the lifeblood of the swamp.

Being a diehard leftist, Stewart wasn’t so much praising Trump as using him as an example during a discussion with reporter Jane Mayer and Noah Bookbinder, president of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) which presents itself as a “nonpartisan” watchdog but has previously received money from George Soros.

(Video: YouTube/The Weekly Show)

“Is he exposing a reality? I’m not saying he’s not pushing the limit of it. I’m not saying he’s not exploiting it, but isn’t he exposing at some level a reality of crony capitalism, a reality of transactional corruption that is the heartbeat of corporate and political America?” Stewart asked on the latest edition of his “The Weekly Show” podcast.

“You know how they employ a white hat hacker who will go into a system and find its vulnerabilities? Now, he’s not doing it for our benefit, he’s doing it to exploit it,” the comic said. “But what I’m saying is, what if we take the information that he’s delivering us, which is, here are the vulnerabilities in your system that I can exploit. Can’t we reverse engineer that and bolster those very institutions in a way that makes them much less fragile to these kinds of attacks?”

Mayer downplayed suggestions that government workers were acting for the Deep State or out of political motivation, a take that given the nearly decade-long onslaught against Trump, isn’t based in reality, but she also noted that politics has been thoroughly corrupted by money.

“What I’ve seen is the money has become bigger and bigger and bigger, and it is corrupting the government but it wasn’t always this way. It’s not the whole story. There are incredible numbers of people in Washington who are really dedicated to doing the right thing for the right reasons, both Republicans and Democrats,” she said.

During the podcast, Mayer also told Stewart that it’s “not really surprising” that Trump is lashing out at those who worked to derail his first term.

“It’s the independent press, the very beginning, he started by attacking the press. It’s the justice system which, of course, we see him attacking every single day,” she said, giving cover to the corrupt institutions. “It’s the FBI, the CIA, the intelligence agencies, anything that has any independent information that could criticize him.”

Stewart opined that the “more interesting conversation” has less to do with Trump’s “excesses and his exploitation.”

″[It has] more to do with how do we turn the light on our own beautiful, flawed, confounding system and begin to rebuild it with more resilience and stability,” the host said. “This isn’t about criticizing Trump, this is about the constructive look at what is making this system so much more vulnerable.”

Chris Donaldson


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