Steve Bannon tells Tucker he’s not afraid of jail: ‘I’ll serve my country as a political prisoner’

The Biden regime is sending former White House strategist Steve Bannon to prison in a few weeks and he talked to Tucker Carlson about what’s at stake in this year’s election.

One of former President Donald J. Trump’s most loyal allies, Bannon was defiant about the “illegitimate regime” that’s set to jail him, and he predicted that the presumptive GOP nominee Donald J. Trump will suffer the same fate when he goes before Judge Juan Merchan next month.

“If you’re wondering whether you’re living in tyranny, ask yourself how many of his political opponents Joe Biden is sending to prison. Steve Bannon is the latest,” Carlson said in an X post, sharing the video of his interview with the soon-to-be political prisoner.

(Video Credit: Tucker Carlson)

The “Honey Badger” declared that he would serve his country from behind bars just as he did when he was a member of the military onboard a Navy destroyer.

“July 1st, hey, I served my country on a Navy ship, I’ll serve my country as a political prisoner, in a federal prison for a misdemeanor, it doesn’t, I don’t bat one eye, whatever, whatever it takes to win this revolution, we got to do,” he said.

Carlson responded, “You did serve your country in the US Navy. You’re now being betrayed and persecuted by your country. There’s no fair person could, I don’t think, could conclude anything but that.”

“Not our country, Tucker. No,” Bannon replied. “Our country, our country, the guys that listen to you and support you, we’re being… we’re being suppressed by and we’re being oppressed by an illegitimate regime that usurped power here and that’s what we have to break and look I don’t need to tell you, they’re on you every day as you know. They’re on everybody that stands up, that’s what they’ve tried to do.”

“This illegitimate regime is trying to persecute not just President Trump. They’re going to send him to prison on July 11th,” he continued.” They may defer that, but they’re going to give him a prison sentence, as they’ve given Rudy Giuliani either bankruptcy or de-platforming or are taking a law license away or putting people in prison. That’s what they’re doing,”

“And we have to stand up to it. That’s why I would never give them. I would never give them, you know, you see McCabe on TV wetting himself every night about, oh, when these people get back in power, they’re going to come after us,” he said, referring to former FBI honcho Andrew McCabe who’s now a member of MSNBC’s stable of regime propagandists.

“You damn right we’re going to come after you, within the rule of law, because that’s how we’ll bequeath a constitutional republic to our children and grandchildren,” Bannon said. “But no, I don’t bat an eye. It’s impossible. They will never break me. Ever. And, I, quite frankly, will be just as proud to serve my nation as a political prisoner in a federal prison for a misdemeanor by Nancy Pelosi as I was to serve my nation on that destroyer.”

“I mean, this is an illegitimate regime of neo-Marxists, from the Justice Department to the FBI, the Wall Street crowd. You can see this everywhere in our society, the attacks on the family, and they play for keeps,” Bannon later added.

“We have to win this. We don’t win this. This country is going to devolve into some kind of neo-Marxist, totalitarian regime, of which it’s pretty far down the road right now,” he said. “That’s why I don’t fear going to prison. Right? I know it’s going to take my voice off the war. I’m still going to go on and I keep saying it’s next man up. You can’t lean on Trump. You can’t lean on Tucker, you can’t lean on Bannon. You can’t lean on Alex Jones. This is a populist revolt. You have to step up and do it yourself.”

Chris Donaldson


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