Stunning jailbreak at Mexican border prison leaves 10 guards, 4 others dead, dangerous inmates at large

Fourteen people are dead after a brazen New Year’s Day jailbreak at a Mexican prison where gunmen in armored vehicles stormed the facility in a bloody incursion that resulted in extreme carnage and the escape of at least two dozen inmates.

The action went down early Sunday morning in Ciudad Juarez, a violent city that is a haven for drug cartels which sits across the border from El Paso, Texas when the vehicles rolled up on Cereso No. 3 state prison at about 7 a.m. and the occupants opened fire on security personnel.

According to the Chihuahua state attorney general’s office, ten guards and security officers were killed in the attack along with four prisoners, 13 more people were injured and at least 24 inmates were able to escape as a riot between rival groups broke out, the El Paso Times reported.

(Video: YouTube/KTSM)

The violence spilled over into the streets with law enforcement officers being targeted in multiple attacks.

“Shortly after the prison break, Juárez municipal police officers were attacked on Manuel Gómez Morín Avenue. The assault turned into a vehicle chase resulting in the arrest of four men in a Ford Expedition, authorities said,” according to the El Paso Times. “Two suspected gunmen in a Hummer were killed after law enforcement officers repelled another attack on Panamericana Avenue.”

Later on Sunday, control of the prison was regained by state police officers with assistance from the Mexican army and National Guard troops with authorities placed on “maximum alert.” The state prosecutor’s office is investigating but it is currently not clear who may have been responsible for the daring attack on the prison.

Details are not yet available on how so many inmates were able to escape or how many of them may be murderers themselves who could conceivably gain entry into the United States by mixing in with the illegal aliens who have been pouring across the border as a result of the Biden regime’s disastrous immigration policies.

Mayhem is commonplace in prisons in Mexico with Cereso No. 3 having been the site of previous explosions of cartel-related violence, most recently in August when a clash between members of rival cartel members sparked a riot that spread beyond the walls and into the nearby streets with civilians being caught up in the mayhem after gang members torched Ciudad Juarez businesses and engaged in shootouts, 11 were killed with most of the dead being innocent people.

According to officials, the summertime violence was ignited when members of the Sinaloa Cartel which was formerly headed up by the notorious drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman were attacked by members of the rival Los Mexicles gang, setting into motion the chain of events that would end with the civilians being gunned down in what has been described as seemingly random shootings.

“They attacked the civilian, innocent population like a sort of revenge,” said Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. “It wasn’t just the clash between two groups, but it got to the point in which they began to shoot civilians, innocent people. That is the most unfortunate thing in this affair.”

Chris Donaldson


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