‘Super leftist villain’ school board candidate justifies completely white equity council: ‘They can’t do it alone’

A radically leftist Colorado Springs teacher who is running for a local school board, Academy District 20, hypocritically gushed effusive praise for a ridiculous local union equity council that is comprised entirely of white people.

According to Fox News, Dr. Angelica “Angel” Givler, a 5th-grade teacher who is employed at Christa McAuliffe Elementary, is a self-proclaimed “Super Leftist Villain.” She has been an elementary teacher for 11 years.

“I looked around, and it’s just white women. And at first, I was like really discouraged. I was like… ‘I really wish that there was… more diversity in this group.’ And then I started thinking about it,” she stated on TikTok according to the media outlet.

“It has to be those straight white women that are out there standing up for these other groups. Now, I’m not saying that I don’t want these people to join still… because I still want their opinions and their input, but they can’t do it alone. It really has to come from the group of people that are putting them down,” she continued, spouting her twisted logic.

She evidently believes that white people oppose minorities. All of them except those who are on the Colorado Springs Education Association Equity Council.

“And obviously, the group of the women in that room are not the people causing the problems, but it is people that look like us that are causing the problems,” the teacher asserted. “I am going to fight for all of those groups because I know that it is groups of people that look like me that are causing the problems for them. And so I’m gonna help… make it better.”

“So thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to again express how little I care about sensitive adults who care only about themselves and not actually about children,” she responded to those who are critical of her stance. “Saying that we needed to stop introducing children to mental illness in the classroom… [by] Introducing them to trans. And I was like, I’m sorry. Having books in my classroom that have characters of all different types of people isn’t really the same thing.”

“So I’m going to tell you… that I will represent, fight for, advocate, love, and provide a safe space for every single student that walks into my room regardless of what you tell me,” Givler declared.

When Fox News contacted her school for comment on her remarks, the district stated, “One educator does not collectively speak for our school; however, just as individuals in society have freedom of speech, so do school and district personnel.”

The district went on to contend that the elementary school “prides itself on creating a safe and welcoming environment for all children.”

Givler is sadly not the only radicalized teacher in elementary schools across the nation. Many brag that they include gender theory in their classroom libraries and curriculums.

Teacher Skye Tooley at Saturn Street Elementary, located in the Los Angeles Unified School District, also took to TikTok to discuss the use of a “gender-fluid” stuffed animal to teach children about pronouns and being non-binary, according to Fox News.


“This is a llama unicorn… I thought it was so cute to let my kids name the llama unicorn. It was a mistake. So this little llama is gender-fluid; we will be practicing pronouns with this little llama,” Tooley announced.

“[Children] are very much ready for these topics, and are way more accepting than adults when it comes to… gender, gender assumptions, pronouns, all the things. And it is child-development-appropriate and age-appropriate,” the teacher asserted.

Tooley went on to give another example of a stuffed animal that uses they/them pronouns, “I started talking [to students] about Norbert the Narwhal … who uses they/them pronouns, and we practice making mistakes with their pronouns as well as correcting them.”

Danita McCray, a teacher in the Sacramento City Unified District, also recommends using a “gender unicorn” with toddlers to introduce gender theory to them.

‘”Now, early childhood is 0 to 8 years old, so that’s kind of like from preschool to third grade… And the focus… of this workshop is to provide you with positive strategies to support transgender and gender non-conforming children,” McCray explains in a video that was obtained by Fox News Digital. “I’ve done research. I have got my doctorate degree. Children are not too young at five years old. Children understand gender as early as three years old.”

(Video Credit: Fox News)

Some teachers are also intentionally hiding the gender change of students from parents.

Mandi Jung, who is an anti-capitalist science teacher from Minneapolis, allegedly uses a survey that allows students to conceal their gender identity change in her classroom.

The survey asks students what their preferred pronouns and names are. It then asks them whether they can be used when speaking with their parents.

The American Federation of Teachers union, headed by Randi Weingarten, encourages teachers to use a “pronoun card” to conceal students’ gender changes from parents.

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