Target’s gender-bending agenda goes much deeper than kids’ clothes: report

Target has Bud-Lighted itself by pushing transgender apparel for Pride month, hiring a pro-Satan designer, and now partnering with the Gay, Lesbian, & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) which allegedly encourages schools to secretly change students’ genders without parental consent.

The beleaguered woke corporation has crawled into bed with the leftist K-12 educational group which fixates on getting school districts to adopt policies that would keep parents from hearing about their child’s in-school gender transition, providing sexually explicit books to schools for free, and integrating gender ideology in public school curriculums, according to Fox News Digital.

“[The local education agency] shall ensure that all personally identifiable and medical information relating to transgender and nonbinary students is kept confidential… Staff or educators shall not disclose any information that may reveal a student’s gender identity to others, including parents or guardians… This disclosure must be discussed with the student, prior to any action,” GLSEN’s policy for school districts admonishes.

GLSEN leads the movement in creating affirming… and anti-racist spaces for LGBTQIA+ students. We are proud of 10+ years of collaboration with GLSEN and continue to support their mission,” Target said in a statement as their annual donations to GLSEN are now becoming public.

GLSEN wants gender idealogy incorporated into all classes, including math. It provides propaganda to teachers explaining how they can make math “more inclusive of trans and non-binary identities” by including “they/them” pronouns in word problems.

The organization has also ostensibly recommended that teachers make sure that graphs created by students include GLSEN’s ideology, “When students are creating their own surveys, if they want to include data for biological sex, teachers need to be sure they include both intersex and other as choices.”

“[A]nd if the students want to include data for gender, a variety of choices need to be included, such as agender, genderfluid, female, male, nonbinary, transman, transwoman, and other,” one lesson plan instructed.

GLSEN also provides recommendations to science teachers on gender ideology.

“It took me three years of teaching middle-school science before feeling comfortable enough to come out to my students as a trans man. We were starting a unit focused on how identity impacts the practice of science, including the ways that specific groups are marginalized by normative ideas,” a trans teacher recounted, according to Fox News. “In the introduction to the unit, I shared my personal experience of… the ways that trans people are often erased by the language used by scientists and medical professionals to describe bodies, patients, and health practices.”

Target has donated a whopping $2.1 million to GLSEN over the span of a decade.

The retail giant has faced severe backlash over its LGBTQ Pride merchandise. It has moved merchandise further back in its stores and in some cases has removed the items altogether, asserting that employees have been threatened over it.

GLSEN also fully supports transgenders in women’s sports, a very unpopular stance to take these days.

School staff members can order sexually explicit books from GLSEN’s “Rainbow Library” for their classrooms. They are provided free of charge.

“Beyond Magenta” is one of the books listed for 9th-12th students that GLSEN provides. The disturbing book describes a 6-year-old child as “sexually mature” who “hated being a kid” and engaged in oral sex. It also mentions “perverts” and “pedophiles.”

A portion of the book read:

I was sexually mature. What I mean by sexually mature is that I knew about sex. From six and up, I used to kiss other guys in my neighborhood, make out with them, and perform oral sex on them. I liked it. I used to love oral. And I touched their you-know-whats. We were really young, but that’s what we did… Guys used to hit on me – perverts – pedophiles. I’d see guys giving me a look, and it kinda creeped me out. They would touch themselves, saying, ‘Come here, sweetie.’ I ran away… By then I hated being a kid, I had a grown-up’s mind and thought I was an adult.”


Fox News reported, “GLSEN also provides elementary teachers with lesson plans on the subject of gender identity and pronouns. ‘As an intentionally K-12 organization, we understand the importance of beginning conversations about LGBTQ people and families in elementary school,’ GLSEN said. ‘[I]t is critical for elementary schools to establish a foundation of respect and understanding for all people.'”

One of GLSEN’s lesson plans involves identity for elementary school students and discusses pansexuality, fatness, and being non-binary.

“Begin the lesson by telling students, ‘Today we’ll be talking about ‘identity’ which is a big word that has to do with who we are, and all the things that make us unique and special. There are lots of different pieces that fit together to make up our identity,'” GLSEN asserted.

Parents are enraged over all of Target’s woke leanings. The company lost $9 billion in a week and is definitely giving Bud Light a run for its money and wokeness.

Reaction to Target’s support of GLSEN was off the charts:

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