Tarlov uses Hunter’s penis to argue Twitter collusion was no biggie and ‘Biden was not in elected office’

Jessica Tarlov, the token leftist on “The Five,” spewed Democratic talking points on Monday, asserting that President Biden didn’t squelch free speech or censor the Hunter Biden laptop from hell story because he was not in office yet, conveniently negating censorship by Big Tech and his ties to it.

She attempted to flip the narrative upside down, ridiculously intimating that former President Trump was guilty of censoring on Twitter, deflecting from the leftist social media platform’s silencing anyone and everyone who said anything negative about Biden at the time.

The twisting of historical facts by the left comes after CEO Elon Musk started releasing the “Twitter Files” through journalist Matt Taibbi. Taibbi, who has worked for numerous leftist media outlets including Rolling Stone, was smeared as just a blogger following the move. Musk now feels his life may be in danger for beginning to expose the corruption of the Democrats in their underhanded dealings.

The files indicate that there was collusion between Twitter employees and leftists in government before and after Biden was elected. They silenced the New York Post’s damning story on Hunter Biden’s laptop using the FBI and other intelligence agencies which appear to have been weaponized. The “Twitter Files” makes it pretty clear that free speech was being quashed by Democrats and that there were all kinds of corrupt dealings going on.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

When Biden was a presidential candidate, he requested that nude images of his son Hunter doing drugs be taken down by Twitter. Democrats and the leftist media are claiming, therefore, since he was not president at the time and was a private citizen, he could not violate the First Amendment which is a specious argument. Outlets such as Mediaite are also claiming that Republicans, including then-President Trump, also requested that certain items be removed from Twitter when the social media platform was controlled by leftists who blatantly censored conservatives.

Tarlov did say the Hunter Biden story should not have been censored in the first place but then she launched into damage control, attacking Musk and Trump with everything she could muster. She claimed the laptop story would not have impacted the election at all.

“I cannot stand watching conservatives – like Kevin McCarthy was it doing this weekend, soon-to-be speaker of the House – talking about how this is about the First Amendment,” Tarlov shrilly stated. “Joe Biden was not in elected office. He was a candidate. And what his team, according to the Matt Taibbi files… what they wanted taken down – the links that he provided – were pictures provided, were pictures of his son’s penis.”

Instead of addressing the obvious censorship that occurred over Hunter Biden, Tarlov called conservatives “pathetic” for objecting to it. Then she predictably attempted to lay the blame on Trump.

“Taibbi also admitted that the Trump campaign asked for campaign moderation, and then he left those links out,” she accused. “Why did he not tell us what the actual government was asking to have taken down when you’re telling us what Joe Biden’s team asked to be taken down? And by the way, that’s a violation of the terms of service. That’s not even a favor. That’s someone pinging someone at Twitter and saying ‘Hey, this is revenge porn.’”

Co-host Jesse Watters was next up at bat and had a lot to say about the Hunter Biden mess and Tarlov providing cover for Democrats.

The FBI, the CIA, Twitter, and the media all pushed a lie about the Republican candidate. And they all censored the truth about the Democrat candidate. And they all got caught Jessica, and do any of them care? No, they’d all do it again. None of them paid the price. The Twitter executives got golden parachutes. CIA spooks and the FBI guys, they all got jobs in the media. The media is now saying, ‘Please censor us more!’ What kind of people want less freedom, Jessica?” Watters asked a visibly ticked-off Tarlov.


Have you heard these people? ‘You know what, we like censorship. I want to know less about what happened.’ Now no one does that. Now, this is actually what happened. They knew the laptop was real at the FBI because they got it the year before. The little repairman with the beret gave it to them and he said, ‘Here.’ So you knew it wasn’t hacked for a year,” Watters continued.

Then he addressed the elephant in the room… the alleged spying on Rudy Giuliani which allegedly allowed the FBI and CIA to know about the New York Post’s bombshell on Hunter Biden’s laptop ahead of it breaking.

“Now, how did they know it was about to drop? Because they were spying on Rudy. They were investigating Rudy for the foreign agent case that they never even brought. And they knew he was shopping it. So they had these weekly meetings with Twitter saying it’s gonna drop. Hacked stuff from Russia is dropping in October. And then it drops in October from the Post and these guys said, ‘Uh… you know what, let’s use the hacked materials excuse.’ Boom! It’s nuked,” he charged.

“And guess what? The same guy, who was a lawyer for Twitter…” Watters began before Jeanine Pirro interjected that it was James Baker.

“Baker, who killed it at Twitter, also was the one crook who shopped the dossier to the FBI. He’s on both sides of this crime. Has he been asked anything about this? No. He’s a hero. He’s your hero,” Watters said pointing directly at Tarlov who was incensed after getting owned on the entire subject.

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