Teachers’ union taps liberal watchdog to help students identify misinformation

(Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for MomsRising Together)

Excerpt from Washington Free Beacon:

Tens of millions of American school children will soon rely on a liberal media watchdog group to determine what counts as misinformation.

The American Federation of Teachers this week struck a deal to license NewsGuard web browser extensions to its 1.7 million union members. Students across the country will soon rely on NewsGuard’s tools to determine the reliability of hundreds of websites. American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten said her union will use NewsGuard to help students to “separate fact from fiction” and “develop their critical-thinking and analytical skills.”

But while NewsGuard claims to be nonpartisan, one analysis of its rating system found it skews heavily in favor of liberal outlets. The Media Research Center found NewsGuard rates liberal sites 27 points higher in terms of trustworthiness than conservative outlets. Nine out of the 10 websites on NewsGuard’s misinformation list are conservative or pro-life websites. NPR, which came under fire last week for an inaccurate story about the Supreme Court, is listed as one of its most trustworthy sites, along with other establishment media outlets.



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