Ted Cruz is ‘jealous’ of Katie Britt’s SNL portrayal: ‘Look, Scarlett Johansson is hot’

Senators Ted Cruz and Katie Britt joked about being portrayed on Saturday Night Live after “hot” Scarlett Johansson played Britt for a State of the Union skit.

Sitting down on Cruz’s podcast, the two discussed their personal experiences being portrayed on SNL with the senator from Texas pointing out that at least Britt was “played by a woman.”


“And by the way, the thing that was the coolest is you’re played by Scarlett Johansson,” Cruz leads off.

“I mean, how awesome is that?” Britt responds humorously.

“Okay, Katie, look, Scarlett Johansson is hot,” Cruz adds, eliciting delighted laughter from Britt. “And, alright, I am genuinely jealous cuz look SNL has come after me a bunch of times. They don’t ever have Tom Cruise play me! How come you get a gorgeous movie star? That is a real compliment that you oughta be pretty psyched with.”

Later in the clip Cruz pays a compliment to the woman who also played him on the show.

“By the way, in terms of Republican portrayals, like they have had some vicious ones. Let’s start off with: At least you were played by a woman,” Cruz said. “When SNL has had me, I’ve also been played by a woman.”

“They cast Aidy Bryant as me, and she’s really funny and like, coming off the whole Cancun thing they had her in cornrows and sipping a margarita, and it was hysterical; I thought it was awesome. She looks pretty good in a beard, by the way.” Cruz chuckled.

Johansson played Britt, who gave the Republican response to President Joe Biden’s SOTU address. The response was widely panned by both allies and critics and arguably overshadowed by former President Donald Trump’s more humorous take.


Sierra Marlee


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