Ted Cruz tears into Dems, media for reprising ‘high-tech lynching’ of Justice Clarence Thomas

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) blistered Democrats and their media accomplices for the despicable smear campaign being waged against conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarance Thomas, a reprise of the “high-tech lynching” he was subjected to during his 1991 confirmation hearings.

Driven by anger that they don’t control the nation’s highest court and rage over a series of recent rulings that didn’t go their way, Democrats have cooked up a farce of Senate hearings on the need for new rules on ethics for SCOTUS justices with the lynchpin being a left-wing website’s hit piece against Thomas accusing him of improperly accepting “gifts” in the form of travel from a wealthy GOP donor.

On Tuesday, the Democrat-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee convened to debate the sham ethics “reform” and its double standard that conveniently ignores the domestic and international trips regularly taken by left-wing justices, and Senator Cruz wasn’t having any of it.

(Video: YouTube/Senator Ted Cruz)

“In 1991, Justice Clarence Thomas appeared before this committee in one of the most disgraceful performances by the Senate Judiciary Committee in our nation’s history,” Cruz said. “Justice Thomas rightly described the treatment he got from then-chairman Joe Biden, and Senate Democrats as a quote, ‘high-tech lynching.'”

“It is sad to see 30 years later, this committee is again, engaged in the same despicable tactics,” he added.

During his time, the Lone Star State Republican tore into Thomas’ persecutors, at one point displaying exhibits of magazine covers that have depicted the justice in a racist manner, including one highly offensive image of him as a lawn jockey.

“Senate Democrats and their lap dogs in the media are engaged in a two-fold political campaign, number one to delegitimize the Supreme Court of the United States because they are angry that there are a majority of constitutionalists on the court,”  the senator said.

“But number two, very directly, this is a political campaign designed to smear Justice Clarence Thomas, and the reason is simple. The Left despises Clarence Thomas, and they do not despise him because he’s a conservative. The Left despises Clarence Thomas because he is a conservative African American. Here’s what Clarence Thomas said at that confirmation hearing. He said, ‘If you are a free-thinking, African American,’ quote, ‘you will be lynched, destroyed and caricatured by a committee of the U.S. Senate,’” he continued, referencing Thomas’ classic remarks during his hearings when then-Senator Joe Biden led the left-wing lynch mob.

“Well, in three decades, that hasn’t changed. It’s gotten worse. And to be clear, here’s the left’s view. I point to one article, just three weeks ago: ‘The Democrats need to destroy Clarence Thomas’s reputation. They’ll never successfully impeach him,’” Cruz continued, as a poster of a recent article from the New Republic was placed on a stand.

“But so what? Make him a metaphor for every insidious thing, the far right has done to this country? That’s what the Left is trying to do. And I will tell you, if you look at the next, that next poster board, the left has repeatedly attacked Clarence Thomas with racism,” he added, as more magazine cover posters were displayed.

(Image: Screenshot/YouTube/Senator Ted Cruz)

“This is a magazine cover that showed Justice Scalia, every bit as conservative as Clarence Thomas, but he’s portrayed as the master, and Clarence Thomas in a bigoted attack is portrayed as shining his shoes. I’ll show you another one,” Cruz said. “To give you a sense of the racist vitriol from the left. Here’s a racist caricature of Clarence Thomas, ‘Lawn Jockey for the Far Right.’ This is the bigoted contempt the left has.”

The senator then gave examples of trips that have been taken by leftist justices, including the sanctified Ruth Bader Ginsburg who took “157 trips, including 28 international trips” during her time on the court to illustrate the hypocrisy of Democrats.

“Democrats can have disagreements based on law, but this attempt to delegitimize the court, this attempt to personally smear Clarence Thomas is dishonest,” Cruz concluded.  “And everyone in the media echoing it is participating in a shameful reprise of 1991’s high-tech lynching.”


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