Tennessee senate passes bill permitting teachers to carry concealed weapons in K-12 schools

Despite leftist protests, Republican state senators in Tennessee got a bill passed that will allow some teachers to carry concealed weapons in schools.

One year after the mass shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville which left six people – including children – dead, the Tennessee Senate passed SB 1325 by a vote of 26-5.

While voting was set to take place Tuesday, protesters descended on the Capitol in Nashville, with many having to be removed from the Senate’s gallery.

“In order to carry a handgun, they must have a handgun carry permit, have written authorization from both the school’s principal and local law enforcement and undergo 40 hours of handgun training. The worker must also not be prohibited from purchasing, possessing, and carrying a handgun under the laws of Tennessee or federal law as determined by a background check,” Fox News reported.

“The bill does not specifically require teachers to be armed or to use their weapons in such an active-shooter situation. It also bars the school from disclosing which of its employees are carrying guns beyond school administrators and police. This information would also be withheld from parents of students and other teachers,” the media outlet added.

The proposed legislation still has to get through the Tennessee House before it can officially become law in the state.

“It’s time that we look at the facts of the bill, that we are not trying to shoot a student, but protect a student from an active shooter whose sole purpose is to get into that school and kill people,” said Republican Sen. Ken Yager.

Protesters in the Senate gallery were removed for disrupting the debate proceedings, with some shouting, “Vote them out;” “No more silence, end gun violence;” and “Kill the bill, not the kids.”

Democratic state Sen. London Lamar, who spoke while holding her infant son, contended, “This bill is dangerous and teachers don’t want it. Nobody wants it.”

Sen. Paul Bailey, a co-sponsor of the bill, asserted that there was a “lot of misinformation” about the measure which he said “does not require any teacher in this state to carry a gun while working.”

“This bill is completely permissive. It simply gives a faculty or staff member the option,” the Republican representing District 15 said.

Frieda Powers


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