Whoopi Goldberg uncorks racist conspiracy; claims Republicans want to ‘bring slavery back’

By now, pretty much everyone knows that ABC’s “The View” is where fear-porn goes to foment, but co-host Whoopi Goldberg turned it up to eleven on Wednesday, doubling down on her claim that Republicans “want to bring slavery back.”

Forget for a moment that it was Republicans who freed the slaves — because Whoopi sure did. Goldberg’s absurd remark is indicative of “an election pattern,” according to popular conservative radio host Larry Elder.

“In 2012, then Vice President Joe Biden claimed GOP nominee Mitt Romney would ‘put you all back in chains,'” Elder wrote on X. “Sensing an election pattern here.”

Goldberg, in her infinite ignorance, was responding to the Arizona Supreme Court’s landmark ruling on Tuesday allowing an 1864 ban on nearly all abortions to take effect.

“I believe a lot of elected Republicans are completely out of step with the sentiment of the country because we’ve seen in Kansas, a very red state, Ohio, and Kentucky that Republicans turned out to protect access to abortion so this is a big win for Democrats I believe in the election,” said co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin.

“Take a look at the things that they’re rolling back,” Goldberg replied. “Remember I said ages ago, you know, in their minds they want to bring slavery back. They’re okay with it because you see things change — now one of the good things about the Supreme Court is you can fight to make sure you make stuff better. You don’t generally fight to make stuff worse.”

“To me, if you’re okay rolling that back, when things were not even a state, when we had no say,” she continued. “So how’s that going to roll? How’s that going to roll? What’s the next thing? Because you know with all of this comes birth control, with all of this comes everything that you need as a woman to have had put in place to make sure that we are doing better than we were before.”

“What’s crazy is these women are so neurotic they can talk themselves into believing this rhetoric,” noted one user on X.

“Other than being a rotten human being & itching to foment violence, what’s the value of dumb commentary like this?” asked Seattle radio host Jason Rantz. “The Radical Left will always ascribe the worst intentions to people they disagree with politically.”

“There is not any depth that Democrats or their supporters won’t dive to in order to lie in a desperate attempt to retain power,” stated another user.

“What this idiot does not know is that it was the Democratic Party that started slavery and the Republican Party freed the slaves,” fumed yet another user on X. “Mentally deranged people never get their facts rights.”

Melissa Fine


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