Trump orders up 30 milkshakes and some of ‘the Lord’s chicken’ during surprise Atlanta Chick-fil-A visit

Former President Donald Trump popped into an Atlanta Chick-fil-A on Wednesday and treated customers to “30 milkshakes” and some of “the Lord’s chicken.”

The Republican’s presumptive nominee knows how to work a room, be it a packed rally or a bustling fast food restaurant.

“What good looking people!” he exclaimed as he swept into the Vine City-area eatery. “Wow.”

This wasn’t a baby-kissing stop. The MAGA king, 77, complimented one of the smiling staffers on her nose ring.

“I love those – what you have there …” he told the giggling worker. “That’s art!”

And then, it was down to business.

“Can I have 30 milkshakes and also some chicken?” he asked the gathered crew. “We’re going to take care of the customers.”

“Is business good?” he asked them. “Making a lot of money? Getting rich, right?”

You’d never know the embattled president was staring down 10 trumped-up felony charges in the Peach State over allegations that he attempted to overturn the state’s 2020 election results.

Trump was in Atlanta for another lunch — one that was a tad more formal.

According to Bloomberg, “Some of Georgia’s powerful and wealthy Republicans, including Home Depot Inc. co-founder Bernie Marcus, former Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler and her husband, New York Stock Exchange Chairman Jeffrey Sprecher” hosted a Wednesday fundraiser in Buckhead, Ga., for Trump.

“Other hosts include investor and former Coca-Cola Co. Chief Executive Officer Doug Ivester, former owner of American Proteins Inc. Tommy Bagwell and Georgia Crown Distributing Co.’s Don Leebern III,” the outlet adds.

Joining that event “will cost guests $6,600 per couple to attend,” Bloomberg reports, “and as much as $250,000 to be part of the host committee, according to an invitation obtained by Bloomberg News.”

While Trump happily posed for photos at Chick-fil-A, couples attending the luncheon he was headed to would have to pony up $25,000 for a shot with the presidential candidate.

At the restaurant, Trump was full of praise for the main menu item.

“That’s the Lord’s chicken,” he told a reporter, noting that the restaurant is closed on Sunday. “It’s good chicken, too.”

“Get ready for a milkshake,” Trump told diners. “We’ve got plenty of them!”

“It’s a great franchise,” he told the reporter of Chick-fil-A. “The owner is a great man who is a member of one of my clubs and he’s fantastic. They do really well.”

“A man of the people,” remarked one user on X, “who knows how to connect with everyday Americans, unlike that mummy in the White House.”

“A Wall Street Journal poll released earlier this month showed Trump leading President Biden in Georgia by 1 percentage point in a head-to-head matchup,” the New York Post reports. “With third-party candidates included, Trump’s edge over the 81-year-old incumbent grew to 3 percentage points.”

Melissa Fine


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