Texas AG calls for ‘Gestapo’ FBI to be disbanded

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton compared the FBI to the “Gestapo” in Nazi Germany and demanded it be dismantled.

Speaking on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast, the Republican AG noted “there’s so much corruption” in the federal agency and that it has become what it was charged to go after – “organized crime.”

Referring to the Department of Justice and its officials, Bannon said, “They’ve turned into a Gestapo, an American Gestapo, and the DOJ is just as corrupt with Lisa Monaco, Matthew Colangelo, Merrick Garland, all of them.”

(Video Credit: War Room)

Paxton agreed after he had recounted his own experiences

“Steve, I’m telling you, they are the Gestapo. We’re in Venezuela. We might as well be in China. We might as well be in Germany during the 30s and 40s. It is corrupt, is the Gestapo. They don’t follow any laws anymore. And no one can stop, no one can stop them,” Paxt0n said.

“And because of what happened to me, these other AGs are afraid to do anything anyway. So there’s a lot of fear because like, what can you do? How do you stop them?: Paxton continued.

The Texas AG was acquitted by the state Senate after being impeached on bribery charges. He was reportedly under an FBI investigation over allegations of using his office to benefit a wealthy donor. He recounted to Bannon how, when he followed up on a referral to investigate the FBI for corruption, he was told “law enforcement cannot commit a crime.”

“We’ve got to have more exposure, and then, second, we’ve got to have a president who will come in, bring in an attorney general that will take these guys out and make sure that the corruption is eliminated and that we start over,” he continued. “The FBI was formed to go after organized crime, and the problem with that now is they are organized crime.”

“They’re paid for by taxpayer dollars. They have become organized crime,” Paxton emphasized.

“Do you believe we have to start at scratch, take their charter away, which, by the way, is not renewed, hasn’t been renewed in decades, but just deauthorize them? Take the charter away,” Bannon asked. “And if we need a federal law enforcement force to work with the states in the state, AGS and the prosecutors and the local attorneys rebuild it, do you agree with that?”

“It would be better to have nothing right now,” Paxton responded.

“They’re not there to stop crime anymore. They are political organizations designed to persecute people like you and me. And so it would be better not to have anything than to have that,” he added. “So yes, you have to you have to take into the ground and start over. There’s so much corruption.”

Frieda Powers


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