Texas Rep. Chip Roy vows Republican House will ‘stop funding’ DHS over botched handling of the border

Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) noted from the Republican-controlled House floor that President Biden finally made time to visit the southern border, slamming him over his catastrophic immigration policies and vowing that conservatives will stop funding DHS over it.

(Video Credit: Forbes Breaking News)

For the first time in two years, Biden trekked to the Mexico border and made a propagandic appearance in El Paso on Sunday after the streets were sanitized of illegal immigrants. The move pretty much defeated the whole purpose of his visit and many critics said just that.

The president was met by an irate Governor Greg Abbott who informed him he was “two years too late.” Abbott gave Biden a letter bluntly telling him what has to be done on the border to get it under control. The president shook his hand, smiled, and summarily ignored him.

El Paso’s Democratic Mayor Oscar Leeser claimed that the city routinely cleans up the areas in question despite all evidence to the contrary.

Roy wholeheartedly agrees with Abbott’s sentiments on the issue. He echoed them from the House floor. calling for the defunding of the Department of Homeland Security because it is responsible for the nation’s borders and has miserably failed to protect them. Many conservatives agree.

“Well, I guess the president of the United States was able to find the southern border on a map,” Roy snarked. “Took him two years to finally get down to the southern border. And what happens? Everybody just goes around and cleans up everything that’s going on in El Paso.”

The conservative firebrand went on to state that more than 8,000 illegal immigrants cross the border every day before taking aim at the DHS.

“So, it is time right now for the House majority to do our job,” he railed. “And we’re gonna have to stop funding a Department of Homeland Security that refuses to secure the border of the United States. And we’re gonna do that this year.”

In a news conference on Thursday, Biden told reporters that Republicans had not been “serious” about the issue of border reform and conservatives turned down a request for additional funding to add more holding facilities, transportation, and more asylum officers and immigration judges.

“I don’t like Title 42,” Biden stated. “But it’s the law now and I have to operate within it.”

Biden predicted that the Supreme Court will ultimately rule against Title 42 by the end of 2023, according to Business Insider.

“It’s clear that immigration is a political issue that extreme Republicans are always going to run on,” he said. “But now they have a choice: They can keep using immigration to try to score political points or they can help solve the problem.”

Republicans are also potentially getting ready to impeach DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for his incompetence in handling the border crisis.

The GOP-controlled House is looking to use the power of the purse to cut spending and affect change concerning Biden’s disastrous leftist policies. DHS isn’t the only agency that is about to get a rude wake-up call.

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