Texas university highlights ‘woke’ term ‘wimmin’ that avoids proper spelling ending with ‘-men’

A Texas university’s commitment to diversity included an alternative spelling of the word “women” promoted “to help make conversations easier.”

Every day, new examples crop up showing that some members of society took the idea you could grow up to be whatever you want too far. The latest instance brought to light by Manhattan Institute senior fellow Christopher Rufo featured the University of Texas at Austin suggesting that “women” could now be “wimmin.”

According to the “Language Matters: Glossary of Terms” posted as part of UT Austin’s Financial and Administrative Services Diversity Commitment, the alternative spelling was a ready replacement for no other apparent reason than to leave out “-men.”

“Wimmin: A nonstandard spelling of the word ‘women’ used by feminists to avoid the word ending ‘-men,'” a screenshot shared by Rufo stated between definitions of “White Supremacy” and “Woke.”

The inclusive glossary made certain to feature equally anti-patriarchal terms liked “womxn” and “womyn” while also promoting the concept of “AFAB/AMAB” or “Assigned Male/Female at Birth” along with terms like “graysexual” and “stud.”

“Having a common language for talking about and across difference is important for mutual understanding and partnership,” the website stated. “The language of diversity is evolving and requires awareness, understanding, and skill. This glossary, though not exhaustive, is a tool to give you the words and meanings to help make conversations easier, respectful and empowering.”

Furthermore, the diversity commitment specified, “We commit to supporting our staff with training and professional development to ensure diverse voices are invited, included, and listened to in our work environment. We promote and sustain a sense of belonging for all of our colleagues. We commit to growing our retention, promotion, recruitment, and hiring efforts to improve diversity at all levels in the portfolio.”

U.S. News detailed that in-state residents can receive an education like this for just shy of $12,000 per year while out-of-state students need only put up about $41,000 to learn how “‘gray-sexuals,’ experience sexual attraction infrequently or not very strongly or possible [sic] aren’t quite sure whether or not what they experience is sexual attraction.”

Rufo suggested this is “Taxpayer-funded insanity.”

Of course, the last thing a publicly supported institution wants is for its ideology to get broadcast to those paying the bills, so shortly after the glossary was featured on social media it was summarily scrubbed from the internet. However, not before Rufo could archive the details for posterity.

“After I caught them recommending the word ‘wimmin’ in place of ‘women,’ University of Texas administrators have removed their ‘Language Matters’ guide from the university website,” he wrote. “Unfortunately for them, I’ve archived the page and will report more next week.”

When asked by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ spokesperson Christina Pushaw “are they updating it to WomXn,” Rufo offered the tongue-in-cheek response, “They are erasing wimmin as we speak.”

Kevin Haggerty


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