Texts suggest Trump advisor Hope Hicks angry over Jan 6 extremists: ‘We all look like domestic terrorists’

According to newly-released texts from the Jan. 6 inquisition, former White House aide Hope Hicks told a colleague in text messages during the protest on Capitol Hill that “we all look like domestic terrorists now.”

The texts were released by the House select committee that has been holding sham hearings investigating that day and smearing everyone even vaguely in former President Trump’s orbit. That definitely includes Hope Hicks.

The former aide was reportedly texting with Julie Radford, former chief of staff to Ivanka Trump, as protesters breached the Capitol building.

“In one day he ended every future opportunity that doesn’t include speaking engagements at the local Proud Boys chapter,” Hicks is said to have commented, evidently referring to Trump.

“Yup,” Radford replied in agreement.

“And all of us that didn’t have jobs lined up will be perpetually unemployed,” Hicks remarked. “I’m so mad and upset. We all look like domestic terrorists now.”

“Oh yes I’ve been crying for an hour,” Radford allegedly responded.

One text by Hicks also purportedly commented that former White House Director of Strategic Communications Alyssa Farah Griffin, who resigned approximately a month before the attack and went on to be a co-host at “The View,” looked like a “genius.”

“Nope. Not being dramatic, but we are all f***ed. Alyssa looks like a genius,” Hicks texted.

“Her most recent post?” Radford inquired.

“And leaving,” Hicks added.

She also seems to have questioned Trump going after former Vice President Mike Pence, “Attacking the VP? Wtf is wrong with him?”

The two aides went on to discuss the resignation of Stephanie Grisham, who served as chief of staff to former first lady Melania Trump. Radford texted that Grisham’s decision was nothing short of “self-serving.”

Grisham would go on to become a vicious critic of not only Melania Trump but the Trump administration in general after it ended almost two years ago.

Hicks previously provided texts to the Jan. 6 committee showing that she advised Trump to tweet messages about being nonviolent ahead of the Jan. 6 rally, and the former president refused to do so. She served as White House Communications Director until March 2018. Hicks returned to the administration in 2020 as a counselor to the president at his request.

(Video Credit: PBS NewsHour)

The Jan. 6 committee has released a ton of materials and transcripts connected to a boatload of witnesses in the past week, all in an effort to damn Trump as it wraps up its work ahead of the conclusion of this session of Congress. The committee completed its final report in December, referring four criminal charges against former President Trump to the Justice Department. All of it was apparently for show, in an attempt to keep Trump from running for the presidency again, and fell flat in its partisan efforts.

The criminal referrals are nonbinding, but the committee’s action marked the first time a congressional panel has recommended a former president face criminal charges according to The Hill. Unfortunately for them, it will go down in history as a political attack rather than a righteous prosecution.


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