‘The frat boys won’: UNC moves DEI resources to campus police after pro-Hamas protests

As DEI dominoes continued to fall, the latest school shifting funds from leftism to law enforcement appeared to show the “frat boys won.”

(Video: CBS 17)

The storied failings of Marxism scratched another “L” in its loss column Monday at the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill. While faculty and outside agitators had been witnessed stirring up the anti-Israel activism at campuses across the country, the Board of Trustees voted unanimously to breakdown diversity, equity and inclusion programs and use that portion of a $4 billion budget toward public safety and campus police.

“My personal opinion is that there’s administrative bloat in the university…Any cuts in administration and diverting of dollars to rubber-meets-the-road efforts like public safety and teaching is important,” said board chair David Boliek to The News & Observer regarding the $2.3 million that would be reallocated to law enforcement.

“The DEI efforts seemed counterproductive to that effort to treat people based on who they are as a human, not based on any kind of characteristic they might have,” Boliek added to CBS 17.

Unlike the University of Florida that had followed the lead of the Sunshine State’s lawmakers in scrapping the divisive scheme, UNC’s decision preceded any legislative action. The chair expressed, “We’re going ahead and, you know, sort of taking a leadership role in this. That’s the way I view it.”

The decision by the board came as last year DEI statements were eliminated from admission, promotion, hiring and tenure decisions before UNC’s medical school eliminated it’s DEI task force. It also comes as the young men of Pi Kappa Phi had garnered national attention for their bold stand against the Hamas sympathizing mob that attempted to take down the American flag.

Even White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre found herself having to laud the actions that kept Old Glory aloft as she had said, “It is not right to forcefully take down the American flag to replace it with another flag, it is not right, and so I just wanted to make that clear.”

In addition to the anti-Israel protests that saw the wannabe revolutionaries clashing with police, others had defaced the campus with red paint tarnishing commencement celebrations.

“It’s important to consider the needs of all 30,000 students, not just 100 or so that may want to disrupt the university’s operations,” trustee Marty Kotis told the Observer.

The actions of the board preceded an upcoming vote from the UNC Board of Governors overseeing the 17 North Carolina public universities following a recommendation from the five-person Committee on University Governance. After a committee vote to reverse DEI policy, the board could decide to officially do away with DEI programs across the school system.

That move was a stark change for the university that once had a “cultural competency workshop” that zeroed in on bandage color as an example of “white privilege.”

While it was evident that the decision toward eliminating DEI was already underway, reactions to the news couldn’t help but heap praise on the fraternity members for their stand against leftism ahead of the school board.

Kevin Haggerty


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