‘The left projects’: Victor Davis Hanson explains why Democrats won’t shut up about ‘civil war’

When members of the left call for a national divorce based on the premise that Republicans are norm-violating, radical zealots, they’re only projecting themselves onto the right, according to Victor Davis Hanson of the Hoover Institution.

Speaking on “Jesse Watters Primetime” this Friday, Hanson provided example after example of the left behaving exactly the way they accuse the right of acting.

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“The left projects. So if Christopher Steele … a Clinton operative, they draw on Russian sources to smear Donald Trump, and then they call it Trump collusion. So they’re talking nonstop about civil war, and they do things that are revolutionary,” he said.

“I mean, nobody on the right said let’s junk the 233-year-old Electoral College; [the] 180-year-old filibuster; the 150-year-old, nine-person Supreme Court. Nobody [on the right] said let’s bring in two more states and end the idea for 60 years of a 50-state union.”

It’s only Democrats, not Republicans or even Libertarians, who want to radically alter America’s system of governance. Just this week, the left-wing New York Times published an opinion piece essentially calling for the U.S. Constitution to be jettisoned.

Continuing his remarks, Hanson offered even more examples.

“And then when you look at what they’ve actually done … nobody in the Republican Party ever tore up the State of the Union address on national TV like Nancy Pelosi. No speaker of the House. Not Newt Gingrich. Not anybody else,” he said.

“And they never said you can’t have these people on committees. That was a revolutionary thing to do in the House,” he added.

The part about committees was a reference to House Democrats having stripped Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of her committee assignments earlier this year.

“Nobody ever goes outside the homes of Justice Kagan, thank God. There are not right-wing assassins that show up out there,” Hanson continued.

Remember this?

“And when you look at the literature that’s coming out, if you look at the New Republic or The Nation, these left-wing venues, all you hear is ‘blue exit’ and ‘it’s time for succession’ and ‘we can’t live with each other,'” Hanson said.

An even better example, he added, is the notorious Time magazine piece published last year in which the author, Molly Ball, gloated over how Democrats had won the 2020 election by essentially rigging it.

“That classic article by Molly Ball in February of 2021 where she gushed, she was giddy outlining what she called was a conspiracy to change radically the voting laws, to inject four or 500 million dollars to alter the way we voted for centuries so that 70 percent of the votes would not be cast on Election Day, even as the rejection rate would decline by a magnitude of seven or eight,” Hanson explained.

“So these are revolutionary things they’re doing,” he added.

Indeed, and that’s the point. Democrats accuse Republicans of being radical lunatics, all while they themselves act and also speak like radical lunatics.

Case in point:

Isn’t it radical and insane to suggest that Republicans are worse than cartels and terrorist organizations that torture people to death?

Hanson continued by also drawing attention to the way the left accuses former President Donald Trump of being a fascist, all while their own actions reek of actual fascism — liberal fascism, to be more specific.

“It’s easy to say Trump is a fascist or Trump did this. … But did Donald Trump ever try to weaponize the IRS in Lois Lerner fashion? Did he take the FBI and use it to go after Joe Biden’s residence when he was president? Did they go into the DOJ and have the collusion hoax? Did any of these people who worked for Trump lie four times to a federal investigator like the [disgraced former] FBI [Deputy] Director Andrew McCabe [did]?” he said.

“So they are the revolutionaries, and they project it on to others, and what’s the whole purpose of these agenda issues they’re behind. Joe Biden has an anemic rating, and they feel that if they can gin up a Jan. 6th crisis, a sort of a Reichstag Fire,” then they can draw attention away from the president’s failures, Hanson explained.

In fact, he continued, they’ve been operating out of this “smear the right as crazy” playbook since the Jan. 6th riot: “Remember in 2021 when they had barbed wire and 30,000 troops in Washington, D.C. in the greatest weaponization since the Civil War?”

They’re doing it again, and this time they’re slowly releasing things in a “dribble” to keep the public engaged.

“One week it will be nuclear secrets. The next, Trump improperly took out mementos. The next, he was trying to get information on his enemies. And then the media goes to town with a bombshell: ‘walls are closing in.’ [As a result], we’re not going to look at the issues: inflation, the border, energy prices, crime, Afghanistan, foreign policy. Instead, it’s always react to allegations that you’re an insurrectionist, keep the projecting narrative continuing, because that continues the conversation,” he said.

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