‘The View’ hosts say Giuliani ‘should be in handcuffs’ in meltdown over ‘Masked Singer’ surprise

According to a recent Deadline report, America’s Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, was unmasked at a recent taping of Fox’s The Masked Singer, causing judges Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke to storm off the stage in protest. This provided the ladies of The View a perfect opportunity to feign outrage and further insult the man who took down the mob and carried a nation through its grief following the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11.

“We get to sit next to people we disagree with all the time,” said co-host Sunny Hostin, before condemning Giuliani as an insurrectionist. “Rudy Giuliani, who basically led an insurrection against our country and our democracy, is in some kind of bear suit, freakin’ singing? I would have a problem.”

Of course she would.

What followed was nearly four minutes of the gaggle of girls parroting narratives that are either unproven, debunked, or riddled with ridiculous hyperbole, all while congratulating each other for being so principled.

When Sara Haines wondered which of his advisors suggested Giuliani appear on the show, guest host Tara Setmayer quipped, “He doesn’t have advisors anymore, because most of them have been indicted and convicted because of their ties to Ukraine and being a Russian agent.”

No one bothered to tell Setmayer that the associates, while Ukrainian, were arrested on charges of campaign finance violations, and Giuliani wasn’t named in the indictments. Indeed, there is no indication that he was even aware of their actions.

“They’re still investigating it, but he helped incite the January 6th riot,” Setmayer continued, without offering any context or, God forbid, evidence.He was one of the biggest purveyors of the big lie about the fraudulent election. He was in the room when they were talking about seizing the voting machines and all that.”

Setmayer didn’t stop at political smears. She decided to attack Giuliani personally, because apparently, it’s okay to publicly shame someone if you’re shaming a Republican.

“You went from being America’s mayor to having a bad hair dye job, sweating in public, to this joke of being an unmasked singer,” she spewed.

Joy Behar took the moment to wax nostalgic about the time she and Whoopi walked out during a 2010 interview with Bill O’Reilly, because he “was being thoroughly obnoxious about the question of whether all Muslims are terrorists.”

That move was pronounced “principled” by the gossiping gals.

No one questioned the principles of the noticeably absent show moderator, Whoopi Goldberg, who is on a two-week suspension for saying the Holocaust wasn’t about race.

By the end of the segment, Jeong and Thicke were said to have made an equally principled and significant statement, because, according to the sage summation of Setmayer, “Rudy Giuliani shouldn’t be unmasked on the show. He should be in handcuffs, arrested by the Department of Justice.”

While opposing views on The View are never seriously entertained, Twitter didn’t disappoint in its pushback.


Melissa Fine


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