‘The View’ hosts’ vile reactions to Katie Britt’s SOTU rebuttal: ‘I haven’t seen acting that bad since my wedding night’

The co-hosts on “The View” reacted in their typically vicious manner after Sen. Katie Britt (R-Ala.) gave the Republican response to the State of the Union address.

In a move that surprised some, the GOP tabbed the relatively unknown Alabama newcomer to follow up Joe Biden’s dark and nasty rant that was more of a campaign speech than the traditional address to the American people as a whole.

Britt struck a sharp contrast to Biden’s angry old man act, sitting at her kitchen table for a rebuttal that was seen by some as the party’s reaching out for the female vote, something that the squawking harpies on the ABC daytime gabfest just couldn’t deal with.

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“Get some medication, Katie. I haven’t seen acting that bad since my wedding night,” said chief harridan Joy Behar. “So, which genius in that party decided that she was the perfect spokesperson? I’ve never seen mood swings like this. One minute she’s like [makes crying noise], then she’s like gonna take a knife and stab you. Then she’s laughing like an idiot. What is wrong with her? She’s like Sybil.”

The show’s faux conservative chew toy chimed in.

“A disaster from start to finish. And actually, Katie Britt is somebody who’s a serious person with policy chops,” said Alyssa Farah Griffin. “Democratic senators will tell you they respect her. But it’s Women’s History Month, it’s International Women’s Day and we put the senator in the kitchen.”

“Where the knives are,” Behar exclaimed.

“Like women can be wives, they can be moms, but they don’t — put her in front of a podium. I mean, it was — I was hearing from Republican women everywhere like, what — why did they choose this? Why did she not say, ‘put me anywhere else?'” Griffin said, suggesting that the kitchen setting was a problem.

“And I think they were thinking Ronald Reagan, like, ‘All great change in America happens at the dinner table,’ but instead, it gave like creepy Lifetime movie,” the former Trump official added.

“She needs – she needs – The girl needs mood elevators,” Behar quipped.

Co-host Ana Navarro chimed in.

“I don’t even know how you were able to notice she was in a kitchen because I was so incredibly distracted by what I was watching. Right? The only thing that worried me about being in a kitchen is that she had knives so close because I thought she could go Chuckie on me at any time,” she said. “You know, when she started, it was giving me like a…Real Housewives…”

“And then it went from Real Housewives confessional having a breakdown to Sybil the movie from ’76 about a lady with multiple personality disorder. And I’m thinking to myself this lady shouldn’t be in a kitchen, she should be in a padded room,” the fiery-tempered Latina added.

“Go ahead. Sunny, hit it,” Behar said, inviting the show’s house racist to have her say.

“You know, it was giving, like, she wanted to call the manager on America. You know what I mean?” Hostin asked, to which Behar replied, “Karen. Karen.”

“It was giving me fragility. It was giving me those tears that are often weaponized,” Hostin continued. “It was giving me what the young people are calling ‘trad-wife’ or the ‘trad-woman,’ the traditional woman from the ’40s or the ’50s that was the homemaker. And I think a man made that decision. I think a Republican man realized, “You know what, the whole DeSantis-like angry man thing didn’t work.”

“Well, the acting was really deplorable,” Behar said, using a favorite derogatory term for Republicans that was popularized by failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The GOP’s decision to feature Britt has received mixed reviews but the cattiness from “The View” co-hosts shows that it was effective.

Chris Donaldson


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