‘The View’ ladies rumble after co-host talks ‘credibility issues’ of anti-Trump witnesses

Alyssa Farah Griffin sparked a spat on ABC’s “The View” on Friday after she stated the hush money witnesses against former President Donald Trump have “credibility issues.”

While co-host Sunny Hostin was at the trial and couldn’t wait to report back to the likes of co-host Joy Behar, Griffin personally knows former Trump aides Hope Hicks and Madeleine Westerhout, who testified.

“Knowing both of these women, I would say they are people who come off very credible,” Griffin said. “They’re attractive, they’re buttoned up, they dress well.”

“Maddy, I don’t have a single bad thing to say about her, other than that, I don’t think she should still support Trump,” she continued. “She’s a kind person, she’s warm, big smile on her face.”

“I was just thinking about the juxtaposition of Stormy Daniels, who I think the prosecution made a mistake by having her go into salacious sexual detail,” Griffin added.

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Daniels was made to “seem trashy,” Griffin said.

Contrasted with Hicks and Westerhout, Griffin noted, “I could see a jury being like, ‘It’s hard to think that he’s the monster they’re making him out to be when two women cried on the stand talking about their esteem for him.'”

Behar argued that Westerhout testified that Trump “signed over the papers,” implying that he knew he was reimbursing former fixer Michael Cohen for the $130,000 Cohen paid Daniels.

“The defense is going to argue he was signing dozens of checks that came in front of him, he ran a multi-million dollar business, he didn’t know that this was specific for paying this back,” Griffin shot back, adding that she didn’t believe the prosecution has proven its case.

Hostin argued that an appointment was made specifically for Cohen to receive the hush money reimbursement.

Cohen “will confirm that on Monday,” Behar insisted.

“But Michael Cohen, a known perjurer who’s lied before,” Griffin replied. “I just worry about the credibility factor.”

The ensuing crosstalk drowned out Griffin’s attempt to make a follow-up point. Behar, whose desire to sound smart often eclipses her ability, then drew a comparison between Cohen and her co-host.

“You know, you used to like Trump too,” she told Griffin. “Now he hates him, now you hate him. It’s the same thing.”

“No, it is not,” Griffin stated. “I have never perjured myself on a stand or testified against Trump under oath.”

“I’m saying people do change their minds and they change their personalities,” after the dueling co-hosts stopped clucking.

“But I’m talking about the credibility to the jury of a known perjurer who has served jail time for lying before,” Griffin said. “There are credibility issues.”

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