‘They lie as their mission’: Greenwald calls out media liars after CBS shamelessly confirms Hunter laptop is real

In case it wasn’t clear enough when The New York Times admitted earlier this year that the dismissed Hunter Biden laptop from hell was, in fact, real, the latest from CBS News led journalist Glenn Greenwald to remind, “They lied *on purpose*.”

Now that Republicans are set to take control of the House of Representatives for the 118th Congress beginning in January, and their constituents are expecting them to commence promised investigations into the alleged corruption of President Joe Biden’s family’s business dealings, corporate media has set to work to steer the narrative.

Monday, CBS News presented their independent investigation of the laptop noting all the same points that conservative outlets had presented for over two years while also casting doubt on those reports as they suggested other copies of the hard drive may have been corrupted. However, as far as Greenwald was concerned, the burden of corruption was elsewhere.

“A vital reminder,” he began in a lengthy thread that included the CBS News report on the laptop, “the media outlets that always tell you they fight ‘disinformation’ united right before the 2020 election to spread an absolute lie: this laptop was ‘Russian disinformation.’ I knew it was a lie right away and staked my career on it. They lied *on purpose*.”

He went on to share his coverage of The New York Times’ admission to the laptop’s authenticity in March 2022 and noted, “The reason I knew the laptop was real was because conservative outlets produced conclusive evidence that it was, and it had all the hallmarks that we used to authenticate other large laptops: WikiLeaks, Snowden, Brazil.”

“I don’t care about Hunter Biden,” Greenwald added. “This mattered because it revealed a lot about ***Joe Biden’s**** activities in China and Ukraine. And now it matters most because the media outlets that all lied refuse to retract this lie. They lie as their mission.”


Greenwald wasn’t the only one slamming CBS and the rest of corporate media for denying what was known to be true all along. Not only was the outlet called out over what could plainly be seen as orchestrated spin, but they were also ridiculed for their short-lived hiatus from Twitter over supposed security concerns.

Of course, few will be as vindicated by this as former President Donald Trump whose memorable exchange with CBS’ Lesley Stahl leading up to the 2020 presidential election had her claiming that the laptop “can’t be verified.”

Greenwald made sure to point out that CBS wasn’t alone in the suppression of the story as he noted major outlets like CNN, Politico, and Huffington Post did much the same based on a CIA li,e only to conclude, “Anyway, it’s obvious why all these media corporations united to ratify what was so clearly a CIA lie right before the election. It’s the same reason they won’t retract or acknowledge it now: They lied to ensure Trump lost, and they know their liberal audience wants them to lie.”


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