‘They’re f**ked’: Rogan takes a sledgehammer to ‘communist’ Canada, ‘dictator’ Trudeau


Popular podcaster Joe Rogan called Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a “dictator” who’s running a “communist” country and needs to be removed from office.

“Canada’s communist. They’re f–ked. They’re f–ked. They gotta get rid of that guy. … I liked him before the pandemic. I was like he’s a handsome guy. Seems sweet. Good-looking guy. Confident. Good talker. Then during the pandemic, I’m like, ‘Oh, you’re a f–king dictator. Oh, you don’t like criticism. You’re trying to shut down criticism by saying that all your critics are misogynists and racists,'” he said Friday.

“You hear him say that about the trucking people, the truckers? He called them all misogynists and racists. He’s gross. He’s a sketchy guy. And he’s got some f–king shaky deals. I would like to see like where the money’s coming from. Like, why do you want everybody to get injected every four months? They don’t need that anymore. Like, what are we doing? What are you doing? You can’t even get into Canada if you’re not vaccinated.”

He made the remarks during a podcast discussion with comedian Tom Segura.

He was correct about travel to Canada being banned for those who are unvaccinated,  save for those who are eligible for an exemption.

“Vaccination is still required for all travel into and out of Canada—a negative test will not be accepted unless the traveler is eligible for an exemption, such as a medical inability to be vaccinated,” Forbes reported on July 8th.

As of next week, all incoming travelers will also have to undergo testing.

Meanwhile, all domestic travelers will be at risk of being chosen for random testing, according to the CBC.

Canada’s COVID restrictions have been far stricter than those imposed by the U.S. federal government, though not necessarily that much stricter that the diktats imposed by certain Democrat governors.

When peaceful trucker protests emerged earlier this year against Trudeau’s increasingly authoritarian decrees, he mobilized the police against demonstrators and also smeared the protesters as Nazi-like bigots and extremists.

The stunning smear provoked a backlash, including from renowned commentator Conrad Black.

“The official response to the truckers protesting COVID restrictions is one of the most disgraceful political episodes in the history of Canada as an autonomous country. The prime minister’s statement that the truckers were probably homophobic, trans-phobic, misogynists and racists was an outrage that was unsupported by evidence,” Black wrote for the National Post at the time.

“Instead of dealing with these truckers and the issues that propelled them across the country in a serious way, the prime minister attacked them en route as a ‘small fringe minority’ who hold ‘unacceptable views.’ There is no justification for any of this.”

Yet three days after the publication of Black’s piece, Trudeau quadrupled down on his “dictator” ways by ordering banks to immediately freeze the bank accounts of protesting truckers.

While the bulk of the protests petered out months ago, smaller demonstrations routinely break out here and there.

Just this week, for instance, a dozen or so protesters showed up outside a brewery where Trudeau was scheduled to have an event.

Thanks to their work, the event was canceled.

“Following uneventful stops in Gatineau Park in Quebec and two Ottawa suburbs earlier in the day, Trudeau was on his way to the Brasserie Etienne Brule Brewery in Embrun, Ont., about 30 minutes east of Ottawa. The event was called off before he arrived,” according to The Canadian Press.

“About a dozen protesters gathered across the street from the brewery, including one who was carrying a flag emblazoned with a profanity directed at Trudeau, and another who was recording the establishment on their phone.”

Rogan has been speaking out about Trudeau’s “dictator” ways for months now. Back when the trucker protests originally erupted, he joined the likes of Conrad in slamming the PM for his reckless rhetoric.

“[T]he way Trudeau talks about people who are unvaccinated — he says that they are misogynists and racists — you’re taking people that have a perspective on a medical intervention, and you’re deciding that you’re gonna demonize them in the worst possible ways with no evidence,” the podcaster said.

His belief that the prime minister is a veritable “dictator” is shared by many Canadians themselves.

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