‘This is not fake’: Two ‘beings’ using ‘cloaking device’ were real during alleged alien encounter, experts say

Expert review of an unexplained Las Vegas encounter asserted “some sort of cloaking device” was employed by two “beings” with a challenge to prove otherwise.

“They’re there. This is not fake. This is not a fraud.”

After the Kenmore family of Las Vegas, Nevada shared their 2023 backyard video from the same night police bodycam footage captured a light flash across the sky, little had been heard from the first-hand encounter. Nearly a year later, crime scene reconstruction expert Scott Roder’s own analysis of the video included a callout to peers to “Bring it on.”

“I want to open this up. Everything that we’ve done. I’m opening it up for peer review…Bring it on…I’m willing to hear what professionals in my field have to say about this and open it up. And if I’m wrong, you know, I’ll admit it,” he told Jim Quirk of the “Extraterrestrial Reality” podcast.

“I applied the same principles that I would apply to any kind of a homicide investigation,” Roder, whose portfolio boasted consultation on over 1500 cases.

In particular, the analysis focused on a segment of the background visible just above the fence to the family’s right in the video where it appeared that a “head…with smoke around it” or “some sort of cloaking device” could be made out as a shadow distinct from its surroundings.

“You can’t manifest something to move inside the screen,” he argued while computer animation expert Luis Castillo used a wireframe model to show how the shadowy movements seen behind the fence aligned with the motion of a figure.

“I think that’s why I like this video is because you can clearly show something in the background that at least Angel and the uncle or his dad are reacting to,” expressed Roder. “And it makes sense to me that that’s what they’re reacting to, and whatever it is, it’s moving.”

The analyzed video was part of a series of clips reported on in 2023 that included the 911 call made from the Kenmore’s where a dispatcher had been told, “In my backyard. I swear to God this is not a joke. This is actually…we’re terrified.”

“So there’s two people, there’s two subjects in your backyard?” questioned the dispatcher earning the response, “Correct and they’re very large. They’re like 8 foot, 9 feet, 10 foot. I dunno, they look like aliens to us. Big eyes. They have big eyes. Like, I can’t explain it, and big mouth. They’re shiny eyes and they’re not human. 100 percent they’re not human.”

According to the American Meteor Society, at least 21 individuals across Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, and as far as eastern Canada had reported seeing a glowing, green light like that witnessed in bodycam footage at the time of the incident.

“You have to look at the totality of the evidence,” expressed Roder.

“At this particular time, with what we’ve seen here, is proof of a couple of things. That these entities..are real. They’re there. This is not fake. This is not a fraud,” he noted. “These two items, these two beings, are in the real world environment with the Kenmore family. That’s a fact.”

“Now the question is: who are they, where are they from and what do they want? That’s where the conversation goes after this presentation, Jim,” the expert remarked.

Fox News Digital recently quoted the pair as having said, “This is only the beginning of their investigation,” as it was suggested they had more evidence that had gone overlooked.

Kevin Haggerty


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