Top Biden senate ally digs in, says Joe’s the only Dem who can beat Trump

Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) proclaimed on Sunday that President Joe Biden is the only Democrat who can beat former President Donald Trump.

Not only is Coons a top ally of the 81-year-old cognitively challenged president, but he also serves as co-chairman of the Biden reelection campaign, and he appeared on ABC’s “This Week” to reassure a panicking base that all is well after Biden’s disastrous debate performance — Coons was forced to admit that his candidate was “weak.”

(Video Credit: ABC News)

“I think it was a weak debate performance by President Biden. He had a scratchy, roughy voice. Excuse me, scratchy, rough voice,” he said, adding that Biden “answered a few questions in ways that were not the most forceful.”

“As you’ve seen over many years, it is always a bad bet to bet against Joe Biden,” Coons said. “I was with him when he announced in Philadelphia in 2019, and most of my colleagues said, ‘Ooh, he’s too centrist, he’s too white, he’s too moderate.’ And I was with him in New Hampshire when folks counted him out in the primaries.”

“And I was with him when he got done the big bipartisan things he said he would do, signing into law an infrastructure bill, signing into law an investment in manufacturing, signing into law a bill to bring down prescription drugs and to combat climate change,” he added. “Joe Biden has an incredible record, and he knows, as the American people do, that when you get knocked down, you get back up and you fight harder. That’s what he’s planning to do.”

After Coons declared that Biden is “our candidate for November,” ABC anchor Jon Karl asked: “You don’t think that Joe Biden is the only Democrat that can beat Donald Trump, do you?”

“I think he’s the only Democrat who can beat Donald Trump,” Coons replied. “And let me tell you, he had the single best day of grassroots fundraising after the debate. The first poll that we saw after the debate showed Joe Biden gaining ground on Donald Trump.”

On that note, the first post-debate poll by a major network proved to be a disaster for Biden, with 72% of American registered voters saying in a CBS News poll that he doesn’t have the mental and cognitive health to be president, and Independents saying Trump won 61-8%.

“I understand there’s a lot of hand wringing and concern and pearl clutching amongst the commentariat. That’s great. That’s expected, frankly,” Coons said, trying to dismiss concerns.

“I remember the 2022 midterms. Every editorial page was saying we were going to hit a red wave. It was going to be a bloodbath. We’d lose four or five seats in the Senate,” he continued. “I went and met with Joe Biden to express my concerns that his focus on democracy, his focus on the threats to democracy by the Republicans running for Senate and secretary of state were too great. He said, Chris, have confidence in the American people. They’re seeing this clearly.”

And that may be Biden’s biggest challenge, that the American people ARE seeing this clearly.

Tom Tillison


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