‘Traitors!’ Dems draw Elon Musk’s ire with opposition to bill preventing illegal aliens from voting

An election integrity showdown was brewing in the House of Representatives that had Democratic “big guns” prompting the question, “What is the penalty for traitors again?”

The left has oft-repeated the claim that the 2020 election was the “freest and fairest” and they seemed prepared to determined to never surpass that as opposition was rallied against an effort to prevent illegal aliens from voting in federal elections.

According to a report from Axios Saturday, as House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) prepared a vote on legislation to require proof of citizenship to have a say, House Minority Whip Katherine Clark’s (D-MA) office provided guidance to Democrats that they are “urged to VOTE NO.”

Speaking out against an upcoming vote on the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act that would require “documentary proof of United States citizenship” to vote, the guidance contended changes to the 1993 National Voter Registration Act, also known as Motor-Voter, “would prevent Americans from registering to vote with their drivers’ license alone,” while including the damning point that, “REAL ID does not indicate citizenship and is in fact available to noncitizens.”

The guidance further contended a passport would become the “only acceptable standalone form of identification” for voter registration and would therefore create an “extreme burden for countless Americans” and “further intimidate election officials and overburden states’ abilities to enroll new voters.”

Meanwhile, Johnson had released a 22-page report at the end of June that included examples of states where foreign nationals had been removed from voter roles including: 1,481 in Virginia, 137 in Ohio and 70 in Massachusetts.

“There is irrefutable evidence that noncitizens have been illegally registering to vote and have illegally voted in U.S. elections,” it stated as he addressed inherent flaws in the NVRA that “does not require states to ask for proof of citizenship when registering an individual to vote in federal elections. Rather, the NVRA relies on individuals to merely attest they are a citizen and eligible to vote.”

Friday on X he summed up how the legislation would provide “states with access to federal agency databases” to clean of their voter rolls as well as allowing states “to accept a wide variety of documents that will make it easy for CITIZENS to register to vote in federal elections,” contrary to the Democrats’ claims.

Reacting to the speaker’s rundown, tech entrepreneur Elon Musk asserted, “Those who oppose this are traitors. All Caps: TRAITORS…What is the penalty for traitors again?”

A similar bill had passed the House in May for Washington, D.C. elections and 52 Democrats had joined the Republicans before the legislation was stalled by the Senate. Among the 143 Democrats in opposition were House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (NY), former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA) and members of the unofficial Hamas caucus, Reps. Ilhan Omar (MN) and Rashida Tlaib (MI).

NRCC spokesperson Will Reiner said in a statement to Axios as estimates suggested over 8 million illegal aliens had entered the country during President Joe Biden’s administration, “Joe Biden isn’t fit for office. Of course extreme House Democrats would want illegal migrants voting to boost their failing President.”

Kevin Haggerty


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